VEA – Daven Michaels New Project For Home Based Business Owners


VEA – Mentorship, Education, Discounts For Business Owners

VEA (aka the “Virtual Entrepreneurs Association”), is a community platform that offers home-based business owners all the resources, tools & discount rates to assist them on their entrepreneurial mission.

Right now VEA is offering a 14 Day FREE Trial!  More about that >> HERE

As you know, being a solopreneur is lonely and isolating.  Not that you don’t have friends and family around you.  It’s just that they don’t often understand your lifestyle of pecking away at the keyboard writing content, researching keywords, review products, marketing, making videos, etc…

So much of that is done by the light of the desk lamp, alone in the spare bedroom or office, and in the isolation of our own minds.

This is what makes something like VEA so helpful.  You aren’t alone.  Your getting connected with thousands of others virtually.  If also means you are learning and growing.  Not only is that education coming from the “guru”,  it is coming from other like-minded business owners.  People just like you.  They are going through the same challenges and victories and all can come together and help each other to succeed.

Quick Overview

As I jumped into my research of VEA, here is what I found they are offer — even in the 14 day free trial!


The association offers top-tier education, resources, and community assistance to allow our members to delight in success and enrichment in both their business endeavors and in their personal lives.


We have special discounts on business, dining, shopping, home entertainment, movies, travel & way of life resources like marketing software application and business services from a few of the greatest brands worldwide. The typical member conserves hundreds of dollars a month the things they require.


More than anything, VEA is a huge network of active business owners. Members will discover continuous support in the type of weekly mentorship calls, responsibility partners, networking events, and a worldwide community.

I didn’t want to list everything here, but you get the idea.  Like any legitimate association, they work their their members to help them become more successful.


Leverage Daven Michaels Success

Daven Michaels is the creator of VEA.  He is the California based founder of over an incredible 123 companies!  Daven is also a New York Times bestselling author, including his book Outsource Smart: Be Your Own Boss

But, watch this short (less than 2 minute) video of Daven himself…. Click the image or CLICK HERE to watch…

join vea


 Earn Recurring Income With VEA

VEA likewise is a perfect chance to develop a consistent, regular monthly repeating income stream. All you have to do is inform others about us.  This puts income on autopilot and if you’ve read anything I’ve written — I love AUTOPILOT!

Think of it like this … being a member of VEA is sort of like owning a franchise of AAA, only without paying a high franchise fee or setup charges.

In reality, Daven’s Free Trial deal means there’s no charge at all for you to start.

Here are a couple of more reasons VEA is a clever business decision:

High Conversions

The free trial design makes the most of interested entrepreneurs and small business owners. Once they’re inside, and they experience the worth first-hand, joining the association is a no-brainer!


Want FREE Stuff?

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Recurring Income

Given that they pay commissions on regular monthly membership fees, promoting VEA is a fantastic method to develop a significant passive income.

Easy to Start

No tech skills or specialized know-how necessary! All you need to develop a consistent income with VEA is your promotion link and a go-getter mindset.

Broad Appeal

VEA is for every entrepreneur in the world! From jet-setters to freelancers to brick-and-mortar owners to 9-to-5ers who dream of a side hustle.


Where Do You Start?

Inside VEA you will find a 52-week, personalized business training series.

This training course will take you from no to sixty in no time flat if you’re a beginner to running a virtual business. If VEA Free trialyou’ve currently started your entrepreneurial journey, the training will propel your business to the next level.

And as mentioned above, developing a passive earnings with VEA does not require any tech skills or specialized understanding. So you can start by doing something as easy as sharing VEA with your family and friends!

Their members also get lots of exclusive discounts on things they need for life and business including:

  • Over 55,000 Restaurants
  • 500,000 Hotel Properties
  • 35,000 Movie Theaters
  • 35,000 Business & Personal Services
  • 13,000 Entertainment Options
  • 33,000 Shopping Offers

Developing a successful business requires uniting a great deal of moving parts … and they all cost cash. VEA is dedicated to assisting small company owners take a portion out of their day-to-day costs by working out discounts on business & personal services, travel, home entertainment, dining, and more!

These discount rates can be found in mom-and-pop shops, in addition to worldwide and nationwide business you invest cash with every day.


Take A Peek Or See For Yourself

This is a longer video that explains more.

Or, scroll to the bottom of this post and to the VEA site yourself and see all it has to offer!



Become the Ultimate CEO

VEA gives their members weekly mentorship calls, interactive interviews with the biggest industry names, first class business and marketing education.  VEA members have the ability to become the best business owners they can be.


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