Using Mix for An Instant Viral Website Traffic Generator (formally StumbleUpon) is one of the most powerful sites you could make use of for getting viral traffic to your content. Once you build enough followers, it can become a true website traffic generator for you!

Mix can send out tens of countless visitors to your site in a few hours, but it can also become a consistent source of traffic with time.

Content which people like has a really good chance of being seen by even more people since of the nature of Mix.

Here’s How to Use Mix As A Free Website Traffic Generator

Mix is easy to use, but you need to keep a few things in mind.   Don’t just long on and start posting your content.  Believe me, I tried that once and it got me banned!

I learned there is a right way and a wrong way to make Mix into a traffic source.  If you follow the guidelines below, you’ll be doing it the right way!

Understanding the Mindset

Prior to creating a project for Mix, it’s essential that you get into the mind of “Mixers”.

Mix is a lot like flicking through different channels on a TV, other than it’s on the web and individuals are flicking through different websites.

The Mix site will dish out unique pages and websites to individuals. If they like it, they can “Thumbs Up” the content, if they do not they can “Thumbs Down” the content.  At any time they can click “Stumble” and see a particular site.

It’s really simple for someone who’s bored to “Stumble” far from your website.  Similarly, if you get a lot of Mixers  to thumbs up your content, you can quickly get a flood of more visitors coming in.

If you can get into the mindset of users, you might find it becoming one of your best traffic sources for internet marketing!

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The Most Important Thing for Targeting Mixers

The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re targeting Mix users is that they’re in an extremely “fast entertainment” state of mind.

You need to capture their attention, and you need to do it right away. Simply put, the above the fold area of your website needs to have some sort of stunning or captivating headline or graphic.

Individuals must feel instantly drawn in upon seeing your website. Remember, if you do not catch their attention, they’ll just move on to the next site.


Keeping Their Attention

Throughout your site pages and posts there should be extremely fascinating, mentally engaging pieces of content. It doesn’t matter if it gets them to laugh, to be annoyed or to be surprised – it just needs to be emotionally appealing.

You’ll also want to tone down the ads on the page which Mixers land on. Pages with a great deal of advertisements tend to get downvoted,  but pages with fewer advertisements and more interesting content tends to get upvoted.

Getting Your Content on Mix

So how do you really get your content on to

Mix frowns on individuals submitting their own content. If you do this frequently you’ll get your account suspended or even banned.

The best method to do it is to first spend a week visiting and  utilizing Mix yourself.  That way you develop some usage history so it doesn’t look like you’re simply there to promote.  Doing this also gives you some experience with the Mix system.

Then, select one of the best pages on your website and submit it to Mix. Ideally, you must get enough of a following from Mix that others will submit your content after that.

If your content isn’t getting adequate upvotes,  send another piece of your own content a couple of weeks later. However make sure you’re also submitting other interesting sites, other than our own,  so there’s a period in between your submissions of your own content.


Mix As One of Your Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

Mix is considered a “free” traffic source for your website.  “Free” is a bit of a misnomer, because it does cost you time.  If you are really struggling with traffic, you may want to consider some paid traffic methods.

Although this costs you an initial outlay of some cash, it will get you traffic to your site.  Just be sure to take the time to target your ads and stay on top of it.

Give Mix a 30 day try.   Use these strategies daily  for the next month and see what results you get.  Track the pages and posts you submit to see what reponse they are getting from Mixers and then adjust your tactics.  After a few months you might be surprised at the amount of traffic you can get!

Follow these five steps to get started:

Step 1:  Create an Account on

Step 2:  Choose some interesting sites

Step 3: Submit this post as your first!

Step 4: Each day add few month interesting posts, pages, or sites

Step 5: Once a week add one of your pages.

Let us know below if you create an account and start using it.  We’ll visit your site and post it on one of our accounts so you can start getting traffic right away!

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