Use Existing Traffic To Build Your Business


Don’t Forget About The Traffic Already Looking For You

A lot of online companies, I hate to say it, fail. I can make that bold claim because they did not develop their companies around existing needs.  You can take it from my personal experience.  If you aren’t focused on solving a need for your site visitors, you aren’t going to make it.

Online traffic is not some sort of abstract concept. Online traffic is in fact comprised of genuine people with real requirements for real solutions, actively taking a look around for viable options. This is real.

Regrettably, if you build your business around a “hot idea” that you have, you’re doing it incorrectly.  It’s better to search for existing demand and then construct a product or service, or promote one,  around it and use that existing source. That’s how you develop your business to be successful on day 1.

How To Get It Started

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