Traffic Rebirth Review – My 30 Day Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest Case Study


I don’t have to tell you that Pinterest is a super-sized social media platform.  It would be negligent for me to ignore this potential source of targeted prospects and customers.  Affiliate marketing on Pinterest seems to be an absolute must for serious internet marketers.

Pinterest has become one of my free traffic strategies to implement for the rest of the year.  When I decided I needed to leverage the power of Pinterest, I went to the guys who are making it happen in a big way — Stefan Ciancio and Greg Kononenko.  These guys are pulling in over 30,000 visitors a month to their sites from Pinterest.  Heck, I’d be happy with just 1% of that kind of traffic.

They’ve boiled there system down into an extremely affordable (less than $20) system call Traffic Rebirth!


The obvious reason is the price to value ratio just made sense.  But there’s more than than…

  1. It is a full 6 Module, 5 high value bonus strategy for less than $20!
  2. The traffic success these guys are having can’t be ignored.
  3. I don’t have to pay for any traffic, ads, or monthly fees.
  4. There is no waiting for Google to latch onto my SEO to make it work.
  5. A lot of the strategy can be run on autopilot.
  6. The strategy is 100% legal, ethical, and white-hat.
  7. It creates passive, free traffic once I have it set up.


In this case study, I am going to follow the example and training exactly as they recommend.  I want to see just how much traffic I can get from Pinterest, not only in the next 30 days, but also much longer.

Below I will chronicle my steps for each day.  I’ll also be posting a lot more details about each of my steps as they relate to my overall goal (read more about this here).




Check back here often as each day I will update my progress.

Day 1 – I purchased Traffic Rebirth and started the training videos.  Already I am impressed with the detail and candor contained in this training.  It is very friendly to someone just starting out in affiliate marketing.  From how to pick a niche to setting up your website.

For me, I am well past that and I was able to dive into the more meatier aspects of the strategy.  I also got a look at the bonuses they provide.

Two Mastermind Groups

Two Real-Life Case Studies

Twitter Traffic Boost Training

My homework after this first day is to get my Pinterest account established.  It was important that they differentiated some of the special configurations to optimize my Pinterest account.

Read more about it here >>


Day 2 – The first part of Traffic Rebirth training is designed for people who are new or just getting started with affiliate marketing.  It covers getting a domain, setting up WordPress, things like that.  These were not subjects I personally needed, but I did skim through it.  The training videos are well done.  They utilize an over-the-shoulder method of training that I find very helpful.

One part of the training covered niche selection and corresponding content for your site.  I did spend some time with those training videos.  You can never learn too much when it comes to creating good content.

I spent the meat of my time with the training that covered fine-tuning my Pinterest account and setting up the special “boards” the trainers recommended.

Additionally, I suddenly realized a huge blunder I had committed.  It is something I can’t believe I overlooked and spent a good deal of time correcting.  Make sure you don’t make THIS MISTAKE!!


Day 3 – After recovering from yesterday’s blunder I was able to more forward with the Traffic Rebirth training.  I’m still doing some of the foundational work before getting to the traffic part.

This case study might make it sound like it has taken me 3 days to get to this part.  Not true!  I could have knocked it out in about an hour IF I wasn’t working on other things.  My plan, following the 60 Minute Empire methodology, it to spend about 1 hour a day on this.  I am still creating content and working on other projects.

If you get the Traffic Rebirth system and focus on it alone, you will be way ahead of where I am after three days.  Read more about today’s activities >> HERE <<

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Day 4 –  Have you ever heard of “rich pins”?  According to Pinterest, you can use rich pins to validate and connect your website to specific pins you add to your Pinterest account.  The Traffic Rebirth training explains how to set this up and the ultimate use of rich pins as a traffic tool.  Never heard of this and glad I didn’t miss it!

At this point in the training videos I am ready to take the next major step — gaining Followers and, ultimately,  traffic.  This isn’t about just randomly following other Pinterest users.  The training outlines specific tactics and strategies for getting the right kinds of followers.  I’ve also learned how to do some traffic related research on the fly while building my follower base.  This is information I am going to use later as I start to connect to the special, somewhat “hidden” groups on Pinterest that will become my main traffic sources.

For now, I have to build a base of Followers to increase my Pinterest cred with the owners of these special groups.   As explained by the creators, Stefan and Greg, this might take a few days.  The length of time to build a critical of followers  is a function of the niche, my persistence, and Pinterests following algorithms.    The training has given me the specific tactics to manage these issues, as well as a simple way to keep track of who I am following and when to unfollow users who don’t follow me back.

They have set a Follower goal for critical mass, so I am now setting out to work on that.


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