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WP TweetMachine Is the Tweet Generator That Changed My Marketing Forever

Most online marketers are work hard attempting to raise their internet based visibility.   In this post I’m going to share with you a way I have been raising my brand awareness and visibility for the past couple of years.  You can use this very same tweet generator tool to dramatically raise your brand awareness, increase your website traffic, grow your email subscribers, and make more affiliate sales in just five days using this social media method.

The tool I use is TweetMachine 2.0 . It has revolutionized my social media marketing and reach.  I know it will increase your Followers 200% quicker for ANY Twitter Account — all on 100% AUTOPILOT.

Have a look at this Twitter Account below, from one of the most competitive niches out there – Fitness. This is from a beta case study created especially for TweetMachine.  They started from scratch, sent out some daily tweets, just to see what would happen…

get tweetmachine


After a few days to let Twitter take it’s natural course, they then added WP TweetMachine 2.0.


Get tweetmachine


You can observe it’s a really healthy following of over 1000 followers in about 10 days.  In the ten days they sent 618 tweets and got 2,336 likes.  All on autopilot.

These aren’t just Fiverr-bought followers, they are real people.  The followers are engaging with their content, Liking, retweet, etc…

What Am I Seeing On My Site?

I also started using TweetMachine 2.0 with my Twitter account for this site.  I’ve used the tool for other sites and accounts as well.  Sometimes I didn’t check my Twitter account on those sites for months.  Yet I kept getting followers and a steady flow of traffic to my sites without doing anything.  I just set it up once and it goes to work for me.

Here’s an example of the kind of engagement and reach I am getting after just a few months…

Daily Income Lab

You can follow my progress as I grow my Twitter account HERE

Of  course getting a Twitter account as energetic as this takes more time and effort than most of us want to give. But what if I told you that this kind of Twitter account is something you can realistically achieve in just a few months?

What if I told you that your Twitter account can be completely automated by WP TweetMachine 2.0 ?   What that means is that…

  • It’s posting new great content at all times.
  • It’s getting activity involvements at all times, i.e… real Follower engagement
  • It’s  really is getting new Followers at all times
  • It’s really doing it all on one hundred percent autopilot.

Actually, what’s even more amazing, is the beta test Twitter account was new simply seven days ago.

This is all 100%  automated by WP TweetMachine 2.0.

I’m doing this very same thing, although not at this scale (YET!!).  It has helped me develop a thriving neighborhood centered on my website.   My  whole account, everything in it, all tweets, all activity, is completely automated.  The only involvement I have is to Follow and Unfollow.  There’s even a Chrome extension I use to do that as well.

So how exactly does all of it work?

Below is a live demo of TweetMachine in action.  After just a few moments of set up — you get super easy training videos to follow — you are ready to put your Twitter marketing on steroids…


Watch The Real Life Demo

Get Over 1000 Free Twitter Followers


Free Twitter Followers Instantly

You can see that you are able to operate several campaigns in just one set up.  Each one of these various campaigns is an active tweet generator, but so much more.  You can be running another Twitter account in different niches simultaneously. That might not be a priority for you now, but it will be as you grow your business.

I have a campaign running for this site and my content.   Got one running for my own personal Twitter account and I’ve got one running in each of my two other businesses I own,

The very first thing I do want to point out is it is not that hard to automate your tweets.  This is what I really like about the tool.  I try to do as much on autopilot as possible.  Successful Twitter marketing requires a lot of content and I just don’t have the time to pump all that out.


TweetMachine And Video

As you saw in the demo, you can be posting a lot of videos automatically.   All you have to do is enter some YouTube channel URL’s.  Then TweetMachine  automatically retrieves great interesting videos, related to your niche, from those channels and tweets all of them automatically for you.

You’ll additionally find that you can even add Playlists whenever we wish.  While doing this, pop in  the various hashtags related to your niche alongside the videos.

1000 free twitter followers

Did you notice that you can select just how regularly you would like items to be posted?

Not only does TweetMachine 2.0 automate all of this, it really is about giving you a great deal of control.  You can elect to publish more frequently,  much more frequently, or less frequently — there is complete control of how frequently these videos (or any other content) tend to be posted.


Tweet Generator From RSS Feeds

You can do a similar thing with RSS feeds. While with videos you are  entering YouTube channel and playlist URLs, you can just as easily add a RSS feed URL.  This means  interesting posts  from any blogs related to your niche can be tweeted from your account – increasing Follower interest and engagement.

As with all of the features, you can select how frequently these posts and tweets go out as well.   Tweet Machine 2  keeps you in control.

And you are able to put an array of various hashtags to target your tweets.  This starts to attract more Followers to you.  They will retweet and like your tweets, continuing to build you “cred” with Twitter.

get tweetmachine


Autopilot Images Become A Tweet Generator

You probably know that images with tweets perform much better than just text based tweets.  TweetMachine has automated this for you as well.

It is simply a matter to enter some various keywords related to your niche.  With a push of a button, TweetMachine  retrieves hundreds and hundreds of royalty free photos related to your keywords.  You then select the photos you want to automatically publish.

Your custom captions are published alongside all of them.   Of course, you will include any URL you want in these custom captions, driving more visitors back to your website.

free twitter followers instantly


If you upgrade to the “Pro” version, you can even have tweets auto post to your website as content, which can then be optimized and shared on other social networks or emailed to subscribers!


 Free Twitter Followers Instantly To Grow Your Email List

Tweet Machine 2 provides the ability to create completely automated Twitter content and post interesting videos, development items, and photos to them on a totally autopilot basis.

But, I’ve saved the best for last.  A brand new feature to WP Tweet Machine 2  is OPT-INS

TweetMachine lets you add completely automated,  one-click opt-ins for any Twitter accounts.   This has the power to dramatically grow your email list  on complete autopilot with just one simply click opt-ins.

So how exactly does this work?

Really it is incredibly simple. You go to the your Twitter account, you develop these unique lead generation cards (don’t worry, this can be all free), to get signups for your email list.  This is all wonderfully explained in the comprehensive video training that comes with TweetMachine 2.0.

get tweetmachine

With these click one button opt-ins,  prospects are signed up and put into your email subscribe list . This is going to work with any autoresponder ( I recommend Aweber).   If you do not have an autoresponder, it  does not matter.   You are able to simply export them from Twitter as a download.  It really is completely automated, one-click opt-ins and it surely will grow your listing like wildfire.


So How Do I Use TweetMachine 2.0?

Over the past year I’ve experimented with  it in several ways.  I can’t image marketing on Twitter without a tweet generator tool like TweetMachine.

Here is rough sketch as to how I typically set up my campaigns to get free Twitter followers (and sales!!) instantly…


Using the Image feature, I input my niche keywords and found about 600 royalty free images (for a campaign focused on this site).  Then I wrote a about 25 tweets (“custom captions”)  and added a link to my site for each one.

Did I mention that your text is all spinnable?

I write all the my contents in spin syntax, so one 140 character tweet can actually be spun into 5, 6, or more original tweets.  Each goes out with an image, I add a link to my site or affiliate offer, and appropriate hashtag.

Custom Tweets

Each time I write a new blog post or have a product to promote, I write 3 spinnable tweets, add the URL of an image, a URL of the post and add the hashtags.  I set my custom tweets to go out more frequently.

So this feature gives my Followers a steady stream of original tweets about my own original content (and a link to the content on my site)!


I searched for 20 to 25 top authority blogs and forums in my niche.  Getting their RSS feeds, I add them to TweetMachine and they go out as the blog authors publish new content.

This allows me to share the freshest content for my niche on autopilot.  Followers love this because I am adding value.  It helps set me apart from other affiliate marketers who are just promoting endlessly.

Likes and Retweets

There are some specific Twitter users I have added to TweetMachine and a lot of niche targeted hashtags.

TweetMachine constantly goes out to the Twittersphere and finds these user’s tweets, and the tweets with niche specific hashtag, then retweets and likes them for me.  I get a lot of engagement from this activity.

All this works to build my profile,  my brand, and my following.

Every few days or so I go into my account and respond to messages, comment on a few tweets, and unfollow and follow new users.  (See my Twitter Stats page for a tool I use to do this)

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Final Thoughts

TweetMachine 2.0 is extremely easy to use, incredibly reliable, and fully automates my social marketing on this platform.

Before I close, I want to briefly cover how to deal with Personalized Tweets.

Personalized Tweets let you do anything you wish. If you’ve got some really certain idea at heart,  something you frequently like to tweet, can do that as well.  You have total control over what content you share, how it is linked, and how often it gets tweeted!

So, if you like the idea of …

  • Effectively marketing on Twitter in any niche
  • Having a tweet generator marketing to several thousand genuine followers in days
  •  Having the ability to automatically create one-click opt-ins
  • Grow your email list automatically
  • Tweeting your affiliate marketer backlinks on autopilot

Get  WP TweetMachine 2.0 now.

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