The ‘Secret’ Viral Content System – Can Trendds Really Make Up To $29k Per Day?

Trendds is a new stealth, traffic generating software (SaaS) created by Mark Bishop.  I’ve bought several of Mark’s products and have always been impressed and satisfied.  They do what they claim they will do and it makes my marketing life a whole lot simpler!

In this post I’m going to show you a backdoor into some of the biggest niches online and how Trendds helps you tap into huge buyer interests.   This is virtually the backdoor into any niche that you can think of.

What Is Trendds?

Think about a well know software application platform beginning with Buzz and ending with Sumo!

Now imagine if you had access to a software application which did a really comparable thing, but in a somewhat unique way and with added capabilities …

Enter Trendds.

It discovers you the most powerful, Most Shared/ Viral material, trends and breakouts based upon your keyword.

It shows you related topics (based upon the viral material you are interested in) … allowing you to rank organically rapidly and quickly.

Oh, and what about if that software provided you the alternative to generate income from any content you choose to curate so you have the potential to profit from any/all content (although you didn’t in fact produce the content)?

And then it provided you two killer alternatives.

1. Build/ deploy, pattern specific targeted/ monetized blogs from curated content.
2. Plug your existing blogs into the SaaS and post curated and generated income from material from one dashboard.



Huffington Post Makes $30K PER DAY Doing This

You’ve obviously seen sites like Huffington Post right?

Well they make nearly $30k every day using the same formula.

And this software enables you to do the same, no I don’t mean you will make 30k per day, but you will get results & it takes seconds.

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Simple To Use

Step 1. Log into Trendds (web based software)

Step 2. Enter a broad phrase (keyword) & the software will find the trending content relating to your broad phrase, showing you the biggest viral phrases and content

Step 3. Choose the content from the results

Step 4. Monetize by adding related products (with your affiliate links embedded – you can do this from the Trendds dashboard

Step 5. Post the curated and monetized content to your own blogs or news sites…


*You can connect your sites toTrendds which enables you to post instantly without needing to log into your sites!*


So why does this work?

People are addicted to the latest trends, and viral content. Trending subjects are often easy to rank for organically, so you quickly get targeted traffic.

And because you have in-built monetization you generate income… without ever having to write a word (all content is curated).

Watch this demo for full details – Click Here >>

It finds you the most powerful, Most Shared / Viral content, trends and breakouts based on your keyword (that means; lots of interest and hungry traffic).

It shows you related ‘long-tail phrases (based on the viral content you are interested in)… enabling you to rank organically quickly and easily

Build / deploy, trend specific targeted / monetized blogs from curated content

Plug your existing blogs into the SaaS and post curated and monetized content from one dash

Oh, yeah, I nearly forgot… what if there were NO recurring costs to use the software!

A web based software that did all that would be cool right?  Well… That’s pretty much what Trendds is, and what it does…

Watch This Candid Demonstration From Mark Bishop


Want More Content Creation Help?

There is no question Trendds is going to light up your content and your traffic.  I am going to use this on one of my occupation focused niche sites!

As you know, I really like tools that put my marketing on autopilot.  I can see the real power Trendds will add to my sites, giving all my readers powerful, viral content they want to see, improving my rankings, and increasing my sales.

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  • …and much, much more!


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