Pinterest Affiliate Marketing And Traffic


Laying The Foundation For My Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

As you may have read in my previous posts in this series, I am working through a strategy to leverage Pinterest affiliate marketing power.  Specifically, I am using Pinterest as a website traffic source.  This will be source to primarily build my email list, but I will also use it for specific promotions.

Using the training and the successful strategy from the guys who created Traffic Rebirth,  I’m spending this month building the foundation for that traffic.  The training is teaching both the art and the science of Pinterest marketing.   The science being just what buttons to push and fields to complete.  Of course, the art of this is the back story, the techniques and tips, the strategies these guys have created from their experience.

Why reinvent the wheel?  If they have cracked the code (and judging from their 30,000+ monthly Pinterest visitors — they have!), then it just makes sense for me to do the same.

Up to this point I have created my Pinterest profile using their advice and techniques.  Next I created some specialized Pinterest Boards and spent time populating them with specific types of Pins.  There is a real important reason to do this as explained by Stefan and Greg, the trainers and creators of Traffic Rebirth.  In a nutshell, you need to look credible on Pinterest to work their system.  That makes sense for any online community.    I’m sure you’ve encountered those Twitter profiles that have no photo and no bio — suspicious.  I never follow those.

Showcasing My Content

The next step in process is for me to showcase my content.  As I’ve learned, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this.  Glad I’m not wasting time on the wrong way.

I’ve created a special Board just for this purpose.  It is going to allow me to highlight my content and share it in the Pinterest community.  However, there are a few more steps involved to make this happen.  Surprisingly, this is not even where the traffic is going to come from!

What the training explains is that we are still laying the groundwork for that traffic in the steps I’m taking now.

This process has taken me a few days to get to this point.  While it could actually all be completed in a few hours, I do have other things on my plate.  I’m using the 60 Minute Empire philosophy of only spending an hour a day on my IM business.  True — if you read my last post I spent a lot longer than an hour.  But that was because I had to correct a big mistake.  Most of the people reading this could knock all this foundational work out a lot quicker.

So now I am onto creating some Pins, related to my content, to add to the special board they taught me to create.  Haven’t decided yet if I am going to outsource this process.  I need about 10 Pins to get started and Fiverr is looking very attractive!  Given that I have zero graphic design skills, I may need to do that.  Otherwise this part of laying the ground work might take a bit longer.

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