Paid Traffic Gone Wrong – Three Blunders to Avoid

In this article,  you’re going to discover three blunders to avoid when using paid media.  Paid traffic is the most effective way to drive traffic to your site.  Overall the ROI on your dollar is going to be greater.

Of course, if you are on a tight budget, then you want to make sure your investment in traffic is a wise spend.  There is nothing wrong with free traffic, but it is not nearly as reliable as paid.  A combination is best.

Paid Traffic Timing

The first thing that you need to avoid with paid media is expecting things to work immediately!

Very rarely, when you are running paid media, will it start to produce results instantaneously. You have to have a testing budget that you’re going to use for each paid media source.  You’re going to try to compile working in collaboration with your output.  With that testing budget, you’re going to want to run traffic across it, figure out how and where the funnel is converting, and then find the areas that you can improve the performance so that you can actually get an ROI.

So don’t expect it to work immediately.

Giving Up Too Soon

The second pitfall to avoid is getting disheartened and giving up immediately. Don’t do that.

You need to gather the data, analyze the data, and then apply optimization strategies across the funnel to improve the performance.  That’s how you will get to the ROI. If you set up your tracking properly, you can easily recognize which portions are directing and which aren’t working.

For instance, you may find that one source is not converting high enough.  You might try some simple tweaks to the headline, call to action buttons, etc. to help increase that conversion.


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Or perhaps you may find that not enough prospects are buying, so you can attach different things on your auctions page. You can try out different headlines or amend your page with videos. All of these actions will affect the conversion and help you get to the ROI that you’re looking for.

Multiple Tracking Systems

The third blunder to avoid is having multiple tracking systems across your funnel.  I have yet to find, over the years, any tracking system that is perfect.

When we’re working with a purchaser,  we investigate all of the data to make sure that we’re getting a clear picture of the entire funnel.

So those are three dangers to avoid when using paid media. If you avoid these, you can be very profitable.

Just beware that online ads have become very spammy and over used.  May users have become blind to them.

The most effective way to combat this is using native ads, which is just ads that look similar to the content around them. It seems counterintuitive, but the most effective ways to get noticed is to actually blend in.

Think of nighttime soap and infomercials. They’re the original native ads and have been running successfully for decades, selling billions of dollars of produces.

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