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I decided I wanted to document my Twitter stats.   For this site, Twitter will be my sole “social media” platform.  Over time I expect it to be the majority of my traffic.   One of the purposes of documenting this is to hold myself accountable.  I use a specific process to grow and engage with my Twitter audience.  I’ll explain this more as time goes on.

This will also help me to stay motivated to create content.  My goal is 100,000 followers within the next 12 months. That might sound like a lot, but I have built another Twitter account to 10,000 in two years without really trying.

To accomplish this goal I am using two tools that have proven very successful for me with other Twitter Accounts…

>> WP TweetMachine 2.0 <<

>> Mass Follow For Twitter <<

When I combine these two tools, I put my entire social media marketing on autopilot (well, almost).  Check out my stats below and see the impact.  I update this about every 3 days.

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 My Ongoing Twitter Stats:

(Goal:  100,000 Followers!)


May 2019…

Not bad for just the first three days.  As you can see I am just 21 followers shy of my first 100!  I expect to be at 100+ by the end of today.

You might also note a wide ratio between those I am ‘Following’ and those that are ‘Followers’.  This will narrow in time.  Right now I am building my audience and followers, so my method has me following a lot of people right now. Not all are going to follow me back.  I’m okay with that for now.

What I’ve learned over the years is that consistency is the key.  I spend about 15 minutes a day, max, building my audience and engaging with them.

I’ll keep following people each day.  You know, like YOU, if you follow me here…

Nine days into the new account and I am at 89 followers.  I was hoping for some faster growth and to be at 100 followers by now.

I am using a Chrome extension to automate my Follows and Unfollows.  It is something I learned about in the 60 Minute Empire process.  Days 5 through 8 show that I was learning the process and timing of when to Follow and Unfollow people.  On Day 8 I seemed to get the knack and was able to consistently work the process without Twitter prematurely restricting my Follow activity.

Targeting is another part of this I need to fine tune.  As of Day 9, i am following 676 people and only 89 are following me back.  It is unrealistic to think everyone will follow me back, but I think that better targeting of people to follow will increase that ratio.

We shall see….

You might have noticed a break in the dates.   I was out of town for three days and just did not have the time to capture the stats, prepare the graphic and post it.   Still, I want to continue my progress and let you follow my development.

June 2019 …

affiliate marketing on twitter

June Summary

Not a bad month as far as audience growth.  In June I added 293 new Followers, and average of almost 10 per day!  I am also getting a lot of retweets and Likes, which adds to my Twitter cred.

Also in June I added a post about using Twitter to market Clickbank affiliate products.  You can read that HERE.

For July I will continue to do much for the same.   I’m still using the techniques I learned in the 60 Minute Empire course, but also incorporating a few of my own.   The only thing I will be doing differently in July is to focus a bit more on Follower engagement.  I’ve not been doing much of that.  Although July is going to be a busy month for me personally, I think I can still do more in this area.

July 2019 …

Very pleased with the start of July and my Twitter audience growth.  Almost 100 new followers in 9 days.   In other accounts I’ve seen how Follower growth can become exponential.  As more people follow, it seems to grow faster and faster.

As I previously wrote, this month I am trying to focus on more engagement with followers, i.e… Likes, Retweets, and Replies and Comments.  This has been favorably accepted so far.  Looking forward to seeing what more I can do this month!

Yikes!   Twitter has completely changed its look and graphic interface.  They have removed the graphic above that I have been using to post my stats!

If you know how to change back to the “legacy” look, please  let me know in the comments below.

Until then, I am working on a way to post my stats and will do so once I have that settled.

July Summary

As you can see, I am still struggling a bit with how to present my stats.  Ever since Twitter changed their look, I can’t screenshot the old style.  So my stats are smaller and difficult to read.  I’m certainly open to any ideas you might have.

Also, there is a big gap in my stats between day 72 and day 84.  Part of it is due to the change in the Twitter graphics, part due to me just not having the time to resolve the screenshot issue (still working on that!) and part because one my tools, Mass Follow For Twitter, wouldn’t work with the new look.  Mass Follow For Twitter is a free chrome extension you can get in the Chrome store.  I rely on it heavily!  Hats off to the developer, Clemens Teichmann, for getting the extension updated quickly.

Here’s a short video about how the extension works…

twitter marketing

Thankfully my trusty WP TweetMachine plugin was unaffected!  This has been such a useful and effective tool.  I use it for all my Twitter accounts and it gets me traffic everyday!  So far it has delivered 3,326 tweets for me in a little less than 90 day on 100% autopilot.

I started July with 579 follows and ended the month with 1486 (didn’t capture my stats on July 31 — sorry!).  This is a net gain of 907 new Followers!  This puts me at about 1% of my 100,000 follower goal!  Yes, that doesn’t sound real impressive, but considering that I haven’t spent one dime or put in more than 5 minutes a day, I’d say that is good.

Remember — marathon, not a sprint.

For August, I am going to use a feature of TweetMachine I have not been using so far — that is the “Opt-In” feature.  It allows me to capture leads from Twitter for my email list.  Amazingly, you can do this without any advertising cost on Twitter, although I am sure that will help.

If you haven’t connected with me on Twitter yet, please go >> HERE << to follow me!

August 2019 …


November 2019 …

Well, you may have noticed a huge gap in my Twitter stats!!  I was severely sidetracked from my business for the past few months with some personal priorities that required focused attention.  Although I wasn’t updating my site, I was still marketing and gaining followers on Twitter account.

I’m back!

Actually, I was back a few weeks ago.  Wanting to give it a clear “restart” I decided to wait until the first of the month to start posting my stats again.  So stay tuned, watch my account grow, and join my Twitter community HERE >>

You might notice I had a large decrease in people I was following today.  I’ve found, both from a Twitter policy and a practical standpoint, that I need to frequently ‘Unfollow’ people who don’t follow me back.  As a general rule, I give a person at least 3 days to follow me back.  After 3 days I feel that either they don’t want to follow me or they are not very active.  From the standpoint of growing an engaged Twitter audience, you need people who are active users!  Don’t forget to follow me HERE >>

>> The Number 1 Tool For Growing A Twitter Marketing Machine <<


November Summary

Not a bad month for growing my Twitter audience.  Had a net gain of 736 followers.  The Thanksgiving period slowed me down a bit.  I didn’t engage in Twitter audience building every day, we had family with us for a week, so it was not easy to always break away.  Of course, that is the beauty of this business, you have the freedom and liberty to make those kinds of choices.  I’m so glad I got Lee Murray’s 60 Day Empire program.  Thanks to him I have a real plan to grow and become totally independent on my internet marketing income!

December 2019 …

I am not sure how this is going to do during the holiday month.  Seems everyone is so busy and pulled in many different directions.  My initial thought is that folks will spend less time on Twitter and more on all the other December activities and commitments.

But, speaking of commitment, I am forging on.  As I’ve learned, building an passive online income is a marathon — not a sprint.  Don’t forget to join my Twitter community HERE >>


December Summary

December yielded 598 net new followers.   My automated following tool, Mass Follow For Twitter, worked great.  My biggest obstacle was just time.  I opted to spend more with family and enjoying the Christmas holidays than Twitter audience building.  Of course, being able to do this is why I am building a passive income business through affiliate marketing.  Usually I unfollow those who have not followed me back in three days, follow all my new followers, and then follow 300 new people.  Doing this consistently day after day will keep my audience building.  I think in 2020 I am going to do a better job of tracking who much traffic Twitter is bringing to my site.

January 2020 …



January Summary

I guess a lot of people were really tied up with the new year and getting their stuff started!  Only 439 new followers this month.  I was fairly consistent in my Twitter audience building strategy throughout the month.  For a few weeks I branched off into some niches related to internet and affiliate marketing.  It would appear that interest did not translate over from those niches as well as I hoped it might.  Oh well.

This is something I am building for the long term.  So I am not letting small setbacks like this discourage me.  Traffic is still a main goals and effort of mine. I am also going to start focusing on building my email list more effectively.  Twitter will still be my main social media strategy and we’ll keep going after that as well.



February 2020 …