Massive Amounts of Traffic For Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest


Consistently High Pinterest Traffic ….At Least That is The Plan!

This is what I keep reading about and hearing about.  You’ve probably seen the promotions and ads for Pinterest related affiliate marketing products and services.  Affiliate marketing on Pinterest is just beginning to be leverage by IMers.  True, some are making a killing on Pinterest now.  But for the most part, I don’t think it is used as much as is other platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.

That is why I am excited today.  If you read my post about my goal for the rest of the year >> HERE << , then you know I am embarking on a big goal (for me) to massively increase my site traffic between now and the end of the year — roughly five months.  I am going to add five new traffic strategies to drive that traffic and today I am starting with my first strategy — Pinterest.

I was first attracted to affiliate marketing on Pinterest  when I read about Stefan Ciancio, who claimed to be getting 30,000+ visitors per month just from Pinterest.  It sounded like an unbelievable claim, but I was curious to see what he was doing.  As I dug into his method, I found that his process matched many of the characteristics I was looking for to accomplish my goal…

  • No paid traffic
  • Little reliance on complicated SEO
  • 100% Ethical, legal, and white-hat
  • Pretty much on autopilot

They encapsulated their entire process in a system called Traffic Rebirth.  Funny name, but it is less than $20, so I have invested in their system as the basic blueprint for my Pinterest traffic strategy.  If you are interested, here is a quick video with a few more details..

traffic rebirth review

Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest – Getting Started

I have  logged into the Traffic Rebirth user panel and ready to started the training.  I’m glad to see there are a few case studies included this helps me get a sense of the strategy in a practical application.

But this is not about Traffic Rebirth, it is about using getting traffic.  The process, without giving away their intellectual property rights, is very straight forward.  I call this the science of the strategy…

  • Create a Pinterest Account
  • Start growing Pinterest followers
  • Apply to some of the 100K+ specialized groups of Pinterest followers (this is where the bulk of traffic will come from)
  • Share targeted Pins
  • Enjoy traffic

Of course, there is a way to finesse this process to save time and increase results.  That is the “art” of the strategy and why I am using it.  After All, if this strategy is getting 30,000 visitors a month, I’d be happy if this one strategy got me just 1% of that!  At least for now.

First Step For Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest

This one is kind of a no-brainer.  My first task is to create my Pinterest account and profile.  I’m using LongTailPro to find the best keywords to incorporate into my account and account description.  While I am not really sure just how much SEO help that is going to get me, I don’t want to leave any thing to chance.  If I can get some Google “juice”, I’ll take it.  Plus, the keyword research will help me title the Pins I’ll be using.

It might sound obvious, but they do mention you need a website and have some content.  This just makes sense, especially for me.  I do not plan to drive Pinterest traffic to any direct affiliate offers.  The whole point of this exercise is to get traffic to my site, so I can build my email list, share valuable content, and promote the offers that make sense to my audience.  I think this is only mentioned in Traffic Rebirth as some people may just be getting started and not have a site at all.

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One point to note, and I think it is good for point out for anyone who has a marketing website, there are some mandatory pages you need to have on your site.  In fact, more and more of these platforms like Pinterest are requiring your site to have these pages.

They are…

Privacy Policy Page

Terms of Service Page

Affiliate Disclosure Page

These are not hard to add to your site.  They even give you some resources to get those pages.  If your site is using WordPress, there are a variety of plugins available to create these pages right into your site.  It won’t take long.  It is a good idea to have them, so take the few minutes to add them.


My homework for today is to set up my Pinterest Account.  Fortunately they provide an excellent video in their training about how to do this…

I will need to set up a certain kind of Pinterest account.  This is where some of the “art” of this strategy you comes into play.  The training has done a wonderful job of guiding you through this process.

There are also some special settings to do configure for optimal performance with regards for traffic.  A couple of the steps are very important to establish your credibility and visibility.  So, if you are following along with me and using the Traffic Rebirth strategy,  make sure you don’t skip this step.

For today I am going to work on getting my Pinterest account set up and then move onto the next steps tomorrow.

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