I Can’t Believe I Overlooked This Super Important List Building Strategy!

Of All The List Building Strategies To Forget!

I am almost embarrassed to write this post!  Here I am talking about how I want more traffic and more email subscribers, and I completely overlooked the simplest of all list building strategies — the opt-in sidebar!

If you’ve visited my site before this post, you may notice something slightly different?  Yep… a big, beautiful side-bar opt-in.   How could I seriously be thinking I was going to build a business and neglect something so simple.  Well, I’ve corrected that now and feel much better.

As you know in this series I am chronically my traffic growth. As a new strategy I am launching into Pinterest and following the process created by the Traffic Rebirth guys.  They are having incredible success with Pinterest and I just want to siphon some of that in my direction.  It would be a huge waste to go to all of this work and not have a way for visitors to join receive my email nuggets of wisdom, ideas, suggestions, and — failures.  The latter being reported in the hopes that they (and you!) will avoid the same mistakes I make.  And I know I am going to make a few along the way!


The Grand Plan

Some of you reading this might be wondering why I am being so focused on traffic and not talking about sales.  Afterall, don’t affiliate marketers go on and on about how you can make hundreds or thousands a day with just a few clicks of your mouse?  If only that were true.

I need to approach this more strategically and realistically.  If I had a dollar for every product I purchased that was going to make me thousands in just a few minutes of work… I probably wouldn’t be writing this now.

My plan is something I can get my mind around and believe I can accomplish.    To me…

Traffic = Subscribers = Sales = Passive Income

So for me to get to my end result I need the traffic.

I already have a Twitter and WordPress.com strategy in play. Now I am adding Pinterest as my next strategy and also journally a 30 day case study about a specific program I am following.  You can ready that case study >> HERE <<

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My Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Progress

My first step to implementing this strategy may seem obvious, but there are a few nuisances involved.  Beginning with my Pinterest account that I established.  The Traffic Rebirth guys have suggested some specific configurations, which I have employed.

Now that my account is established, I have created the  “boards” they recommend.  My  boards aren’t the exact same as what they suggested, however, they are appropriate for my niche.   I mentioned in my last post that I use LongTailPro for all my keyword research. This research is what guided me to creating my boards.

Actually the process was very simple. It took about 30 minutes to get them populated and set up.  I did get into a bit of a panic when I realized I didn’t have the email opt-in ready.  Over the next few days I will add a specific opt-in page for my site, but for now the sidebar is a big improvement and help.  Maybe it took me a little longer than 30 minutes to set up.  I did have to stop and work on the email piece.  That took a little longer than I was planning.

So it appears I have set up my Pinterest account correctly.  My boards are established and up.  Visitors can get my Simple Guide To Promoting Affiliate Products eReport.  I think I am ready to move onto the next phase, which is getting Pinterest followers.


Next Steps

Apparently getting followers on Pinterest involves more than just clicking on names.  As with most of the Traffic Rebirth process, following and unfollowing requires a care strategy.  I’m glad I learned this or I would have wasted hours, if not days, carelessly building a follower list.  How disappointing it would be to then realize it was all done incorrectly.

Stefan and Greg have putting together a highly detailed and effective video about this subject in the training area.  Their process makes a lot of sense and I can see how it will speed up my results in this area.

Getting to the first 100 followers, i.e… the right, targeted followers, will require some diligence. The dividends of doing this correctly are incredible.  I’m used to getting followers on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn.  This is a slightly varied approach.

So my homework over the next few days is to build that Follower list, using the Traffic Rebirth strategy.  Apparently this is key to the overall success of the process.

I am looking forward to unwrapping more of this in the coming days AND the traffic it is going to bring me!


Tools I Am Using


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