How To Get LASTING Online Marketing Success

As you probably know, almost anyone can get success online – at least once.  The real effort comes in creating LASTING success.  The kind that pays you over and over and over and over.  This is why most people try affiliate marketing, but then give up.

I have done this probably a dozen times.  It wasn’t until I got into Lee Murray’s 60 Minute Empire that I learned what has to be done consistently.   You can check that out here >>.  But the purpose of this post is to let you know what I learned.  The process is surprisingly simple, but it takes work.  If there is a get-rich-quick process to affiliate or online marketing success, please show me.  I have spent many, many dollars trying to find it.

It doesn’t exist.

Tell me if this is what you have experienced:

  • You begin one online affiliate system, understand it’s a lot of work, and then look for a new, easier, much faster technique.
  • You do a little bit of effort, and after that begin checking statistics, dissuaded when they do not transform into the success you were promised.
  • You begin a brand-new task with a full head of steam, just to lose energy and interest the very same day
  • You draw up a tactical plan and feel motivated for having done so … only to never actually DO THE PLAN. (I still do this sometimes; treat the development of the plan as though it’s the job itself.).
  • You acquire a new system or software, promise on your own you’ll give it everything you have in your, and then promptly give up once the truth sets in that it’s “too challenging and nobody might make it work”.
  • You established a funnel or service business process, and then never ever put in the effort to drive traffic to it. After that, you come down on yourself for having wasted all that time in the configuration phase.
  • You’re short on money, look to the web in an attempt to produce said cash (for costs, rental fee, food, etc.), as well as start frantically hopping from shiney object to shiney in quick sequence … with a head full of despair and  full-blown frustration.
  • You need a system that you can implement over and over.  Below is the five step process that I have learned and employed.  Don’t let the simplicity fool you.  You need to put in the work.  If you do, however, you will start to see results.

Am I talking to you?  Well, this was me when I first got started.

Power In The Process

What I’ve learned is that your system for success has 5 parts to it.  If you can get these parts down, and repeat them, you will have more success than you are today.

Plus, as you get better working them, you’ll learn more and improve month after month, year after year.

Maybe you’re skeptical.  There are a lot of false promises out there about affiliate marketing.  All I can say is that it works for me.

So what is the process?

  1. Get the setup phase out of the way QUICKLY!
  2. Start driving traffic (in a way that you enjoy) immediately!
  3. Split test, gradually improving your results!
  4. Keep adding new emails to your follow-up series!
  5. Repeat steps 2-4!

Yes, it does sound simple.  However there is a lot of work in this.

Here’s what it takes. You’ve got to…

  1. Find or create a quality lead magnet that’s accurate, persuasive, and well-monetized.
  2. Create graphics for this lead magnet.
  3. Create a squeeze page with an enticing headline, nice imagery, strong call to action, and opt-in form.
  4. Create a thank-you page that can get you paid right out of the gate.
  5. Create a welcome email that delivers your lead magnet and promotes a high-converting affiliate offer.
  6. Find loads of great, intelligently-placed affiliate offers to follow-up with.
  7. Create and load an email follow-up series that builds trust & rapport… and makes you ongoing money!
  8. Drive traffic to your funnel using well-researched, high-converting traffic methods.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the time do all of this.  I have a real affinity for done-for-you (DFY) solutions.

DFY doesn’t mean expensive.  Maybe like you, I don’t have an endless supply of cash to invest in my business.  Heck, I am still building it and learning.  But I have found solutions that make this much easier.  Solutions that allow me to just work the 5 parts of the process.

Sound like something you could do?  If you had all the behind the scenes work completed, could you work the process?  Of course.

Watch this video by Lee Murray.  He explains it much better than I can…

Affiliate marketing funnel

 Ready To Get Started?

This is a no brainer!

Gorgeous Squeeze Page

Full Graphics Package

MONETIZED Thank-You Page


Complete DFY Funnel


Perhaps most importantly, you’re also get Lee’s custom-made video training program, which walks you through the entire process of setting things up quickly… and then pulling in tons of free, targeted traffic and making money.

Lee got me started on this road and I love the things he does.  They are no-nonsense, practical, effective, and THEY WORK.

Frankly, you wouldn’t be reading this if they didn’t!

So, CLICK HERE NOW.  Spend $6.00.  Quit fooling around.  Start Winning!

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