How To Get Free Traffic For Affiliate Marketing With Twitter


Clickbank Affiliate Marketing With Twitter

If you’ve read any of my blog then you probably know I am a big fan of Twitter traffic.  I also market Clickbank affiliate products.   Combining these two has been very effective for me.   In this post I want to show you another free procedure on how to  promote Clickbank for FREE with affiliate marketing traffic with Twitter !

If you haven’t already done so, you need to go to and create an account.  This shouldn’t take that long. It’s pretty simple. I really want to teach you how to use Twitter for traffic, since it’s a free method.  It’s not going to be an overnight success.  If you’re put in the work, you’re more likely to see the outcome, which is good. A lot of people will just do this once or twice.  They end up stopping because they  think all this is a waste of time.

Think – Marathon… not Sprint.  If there really were “sprint” methods of affiliate marketing free traffic, then we’d all be internet millionaires.

Been There, Done That

When I first started in affiliate marketing I didn’t even know how to promote any product.  I knew about affiliate marketing in general, but there were some critical bits of knowledge I was lacking.F

For instance, I was blind to what it to for good promotion traffic results.  As soon as soon as I learned, those commissions stated rolling in.  If I put in the work I knew my work would one day pay off.   So I’m glad that actually happened and in this post I want to show you a big part of the path I took, and still walk today.

If you are like me, daily passive income from Clickbank affiliate products can be a life changer!  Twitter traffic is an effective step to take on the road to financial freedom.

Let’s Get Started

After you’re done creating a Clickbank account, what you’re going to need to do is login and go to Marketplace. Here’s what you should see.

As you’ll note, down the lefthand side, there’s so many categories of products to choose from.   For the new people this might not make a lot of sense or even seem overwhelming.   These are mostly digital concoctions because I think Clickbank is known for selling  digital products.

Before you start promoting anything, you need to choose a niche.  A niche is something of interest, not only you, but also your audience.  The guys at have some great posts on how to research a niche.   I also use the  Long Tail Pro software to do niche research, to see what people are searching for, and to find the terms I can rank for to get to Google page 1.

Make sure you choose a niche.  I work in several because I have a lot of interests.  That is one criteria for me… I need to be interested in the niche.  I’ve tried niches just for money, but I didn’t care for the subject.  It was drudgery!  Stick with something you like.

Maybe for you it’s health and fitness.   You can  promote health and fitness since they exchange audiences and products reasonably fast.  This is a very profitable and evergreen niche, especially if you  adore fitness products and use them yourself.  If you’re using them,  why not recommend (i.e… promote) them to others?


Find The Best Clickbank Product For You

Before you start promoting any of these products, you need to check them out by yourself and see if they’re worth promoting.  A question often asked is… “How do you find the best product to promote on Clickbank?”    It’s pretty simple, but I don’t want to take a lot of time in this post.  I actually wrote more on this topic in an earlier post.  You can read that HERE >>

Once you have your niche, you want to find the products in that niche that are selling best in Clickbank.  What you’re going to need to do is you have to sort it by Gravity not relevance.

What is Gravity?   It is a Clickbank metric that shows that more customers are willing to check it out and most of the time it converts .   In other words, the higher the Gravity, the more likely you are to make a sell.  You can sort by Gravity using the dropdown on the Marketplace page.  See the screenshot below…

Clickbank affiliate marketing


Let’s say the Gravity is really low-grade, less than 40.  That means that fewer affiliates are successfully promoting the account than a product that has a Gravity of, say 299.    You also have to take into account that a higher Gravity product is going to be a more popular product for other affiliates to promote.


The Power of Gravity

Using Health & Fitness again as an example, it is an evergreen niche.  There will be more people promoting in this niche.  So a higher Gravity represents a lot of people who are in the health and fitness niche who come on Clickbank.   They’re more likely to promote this product then the products that are underneath.  The higher the Gravity, the better chances of having somebody to actually purchase it or the more eyeballs you’re going to get.

For example, let’s say everybody’s promoting the same product, which is exactly what you’ll run into.  There seems to be a lot of competition.  But at the same time, since you’re trying your free procedure, it’s not like you’re paying for Paid ads or anything like that.   If you’re trying it out for free,  if it’s your first time, just go ahead and just give it a try.

As a side note, one thing to  for on the product’s sales page,  before you start promoting.  is a video.  Video  converts the best.  If there’s a video for the audience to watch it’s always the best. Just be sure the video is interesting, informative and not too “over the top” with a cheesy sales pitch!

Now that you have your product picked out, you need to get your link.   Click the ‘PROMOTE’ button as shown below…..

clickbank affiliates


Remember –  the higher the gravity the better

Get Your Link Ready For Twitter

What you’re going to need to do is copy your connection. Copy the link and go to to create a shorter link.  The short link keeps you from having to fool with this long messy, long link you get from Clickbank.

Once it’s shorten, go to to make sure you have an account.  Using just the Twitter search bar at the top….

how to promote on twitter


Use your keywords to find people out there who are  tweeting about, hashtagging, etc… the product from the category you’ve chosen.

You are likely to find a lot of people who are matching your keyword and looking to connect with others.

After you find these people, begin to to interact in the following ways…

  • Follow them
  • Like some of their tweets
  • Reply or comment on some of their tweets

Many, many times these people will follow you back.

As you develop these relationships, let them know about the product on Clickbank (the one you’ve chosen to promote) that is aligned with their interest.  You aren’t selling it, you aren’t promoting it, you aren’t even endorsing it.  You are just letting them know it is available.

“Hey @<TwitterName>, saw that you were interest in <your keyword>.  Did you see this that help <whatever problem the product solves>.  Here’s the link …”

All you’re saying is that  just in case they need more information  they can check this connection out.   And if they’re  interested, they’re more likely to check out your affiliate link.  You let the products conversion ability do its work for you.

If you do this all the time, like every day, you WILL get conversions.   Be sure to throw in the right keyword.  Everybody in the niche has the same question, the same type of questions.

Want FREE Stuff?

Download my FREE Simple Guide To Promoting Affiliate Products



Be A Knowledgeable Helper

The best thing to do is go to Clickbank and find the best product that answers these questions.  Then reply to these Tweets.   Just don’t go and randomly leave your link everywhere.  People won’t like that and they will unfollow or block you on Twitter.

I used to do that until I  recognized that I’m not going to make any sales. So trust me, if you’re not contributing ,  you’re not even saying ‘hey’, you just leave your link and go, they might actually get mad at you and they might even block you.   Just try it not to do that all the time.  Since you’re trying this as a  free traffic source,  try the very best not to get  in trouble.

Of course, there are a lot of other ways you can use Twitter to get traffic to your offer.  I would not expect massive traffic unless you have a Twitter following that is equally massive.  But this is a good start.

You can also use this to get traffic for your own products, CPA offers, etc.


Easy Way To Monetize Twitter Traffic

One of the best ways to grow your passive income, your email list, and your audience is to promote other people’s funnels!  That is how I monetize my Twitter traffic.  Actually, you can monetize any traffic this way.

Go HERE >> and you can set up your own FREE funnel to promote.   You will get paid every time a person registers for their own funnel.  Essentially, all you have to do is share your own, unique link.   Go and watch the video… it explains everything.

What has been your Twitter marketing experience?  Please let us know in the comments below…

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