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Tried And True Method To Get Followers On Pinterest

I am really starting to get into the meat of the Traffic Rebirth – how to get followers on Pinterest.  All of the work I’ve been doing on my account has been laying the foundation.  People are not going to follow me on Pinterest unless my account looks legitimate.  That means boards, pins, keywords, properly configured profile, and the right configurations in Pinterest Developers.

These are the things I have been working on up to this point.  I’ve also started creating some of my own Pins, the “money Pins” as Stefan and Greg call them, to start on my main board in my account.  Not there yet, but doing the background work for when it is time.

This is what I really like about this Pinterest traffic strategy.  It is not one of these get-rich-quick affiliate marketing schemes.  I know you’ve bought those in the past.  A promise that all you need to do is spend five minutes to make $100 every day.  That really sounds good and I am sure it can be done.  However, I’ve never experienced those kinds of results from those promises despite following the advertised system without fault.

Affiliate marketing is a long term game.  It takes time to build your presence, authority, and list if you are boot-strapping it.  The Traffic Rebirth strategy is a long term process.  You do some initial groundwork, the stuff I am doing now, and then it just builds, and builds, and builds.  I’m looking forward to the traffic this is going to create and how it will be practically on autopilot once I get this parts and pieces established.

3 Steps To Getting Pinterest Followers

Greg and Stefan have a simple and practical way to grow your Pinterest follower base.  It makes sense and, of course, it works incredibly well for them.  I consider them the Pinterest marketing authority, so why not do what they do?

In their process they outline three steps to grow your follower base.  What has been interesting to learn is that these followers will not necessarily be your main source of traffic!  Sounds counterintuitive.  You’d think if you had thousands of followers you would get more traffic.  Not so with Pinterest.  While you will get some incidental traffic from followers, the real magic of this system is in the special, hidden boards I will be using shortly.

So why all the work to these first 50 to 100 followers?  The answer is CREDIBILITY.  I won’t get access to the special, hidden boards unless my account looks credible, legitimate, robust, and active.  So getting these followers is a “must-have” component to the Traffic Rebirth strategy.  Without this step the who tactic of leveraging Pinterest for more traffic starts to break down.

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Find People In Related Niches.   Sounds simple, but there are a few fine tunes you need to make in this research to be successful.  I can’t give away their specific training, that wouldn’t be fair to them.  The research process of find the right profiles in Pinterest requires a few steps and clicks I would not have thought of.  This is explained in the video.

After finding these people, you don’t just follow them.  Stefan and Greg have a specific process of how to analyze the profile and what to do to exponentially leverage one profile into many, many followers.

They also recommend a very specific number of people to follow each day so as to not get in trouble with Pinterest.  This is similar to following people on Twitter in that there is a mysterious number you can follow each day before it shuts you down.  Glad I’ve learned how to do this trouble free in Pinterest.


Track Your Follows.  This is important because you can’t complete Step Three without it.

At first I thought this was a bit labor intensive.  The training explains how to do this.  It literally involves cutting and pasting some of the profile information and recording a date.  This is is extremely important to the process.

Thankfully the training includes a Google Docs template you can use to keep up with this tracking piece.


Unfollow.  As crazy as this might sound, you are going to want to unfollow the people who don’t follow you back.  The training outlines a specific number of days for you to wait until you do this.

Someone might be tempted to skip this step, but don’t.  Having a real lopsided Follower to Following ratio looks bad in Pinterest.

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My Homework From Here

The training explains that a certain percentage of the people you follow are going to follow you back.  So this might take a few days to a few weeks to reach the critical mass of followers before I move onto the next part of the strategy.

I am an impatient person, so I don’t like the idea of this taking too long.  However, I know this is a sound, successful strategy.  Plus, I can’t make anyone follow me on Pinterest.  So I am going to keep at it.  They point out that consistency in this part of the Traffic Rebirth strategy is vital to overall traffic results.  I can be consistent.

So my work in this strategy for now is to follow the three steps until I build the critical mass of followers.  I’ll be consistent and methodical.  Hope it happens faster, but I’m not going to give up if it doesn’t.


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