Guaranteed Website Traffic From These 5 Sources

If you’re a one-person operator, online marketer, or a small company owner, you might feel like the deck is stacked against you when it comes to marketing online. Regardless of your product, you need traffic to your site.  There are only so many hours in the day, so you need to focus on leveraging the activities that will give you guaranteed website traffic.

When I was first starting out in the online marketing game, I was always struggling with traffic.  I still spend more time on driving visitors to my site than creating the actual content!  Not that the content is important, but if no one ever comes around to read it or take action then you really have no business at all.  Until you have tens of thousands of people visiting your site regularly,  you need to focus some time on getting traffic.

Unless you have a large budget to spend on paid traffic (and I don’t), organic and “free” traffic sources are your only alternatives. However, you need to be wary of “free” methods.  They aren’t free in terms of the time needed to make them work.  Free sounds great until you start digging in to see just what it takes.  There are legitimate ways to drive traffic to your site without spending a wad of money.   You can also fall into the trap of some pretty shady methods as well.  Believe me — you want to avoid that.


Reality of Free Traffic Sources

In this post I want to give you some legitimate ways you can start with today to create and leverage some of the best traffic sources for affiliate marketing.  I would not expect a flood of traffic right after you implement these methods.  Remember, if you are building your affiliate or online marketing business by the bootstraps, it is going to take some time.

A few days ago I was out for a jog and listening to an online marketing podcast.  The speaker is a well-known, successful online marketer and he was talking about a brand new niche site he launched 8 months ago.  He had just broken the $1,000 per month mark in affiliate commissions from the site.  As he explained, it took 8 months and $18,000 to get there.  However, he was able to flip the site for $40,000!

I mention this only to underscore that the rapid success affiliate marketers are more the exception than the norm.  You certainly want to dream big, but make it realistic.  Seriously, if there were five free methods that created guaranteed website traffic, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?  I hope that doesn’t discourage you.  You can be successful if you take action, persist, be consistent, and just keep going.  In this post you’ll learn five low and no cost methods to to use as a free website traffic generator.  From there you can start building, earning, and investing in bigger things


Effort Vs. Reward

My goal has always been to find a balance between low or no cost traffic and the amount of work necessary to get that traffic.

I’m guessing you don’t have the very same spending plans as the big corporations, and you don’t have the massive resources when it pertains to your marketing efforts. Thankfully, you don’t require any of this to increase traffic to your website.

5 ideas To Start a Flow Of Traffic To Your Site Right Away

Below I am giving you five of the best traffic sources for affiliate marketing that are either low cost or no cost.  I’ve used all of them to promote funnels, blogs, and products in the past.

For me, they provide a good balance between the time/effort required and results achieved.

If you are struggling with a steady flow of guaranteed website traffic, I suggest you give these methods a try.  Let’s get started with the first one….

Facebook Remarketing

Facebook has ended up being an exceptional tool for promoting your organization.  Many smaller sized companies do not know that they can set up remarketing audiences within the social network.  All that is required is installing a practical tool on your site.

It permits you to continue to market to consumers who have actually visited your website when you install Facebook tracking pixel on your site.

It is the ideal method to produce return traffic to your website.

If you are unfamiliar with Facebook Remarketing, it works like this….

  1.  You create a Facebook ad account
  2. Create a Facebook ad that is designed to grab the attention of someone who has already visited your site and is not browsing on Facebook.
  3. Have the ad send them back to your site.

Of course there is more involved, but essentially it is as simple as these three steps.

This would be a “low cost” type of web traffic generator.  By that I mean you can run an ad for as little as $1 per day.  In fact, many professional Facebook marketers suggest you have a continuously running, $1 per day, ad on Facebook.

You can learn how to run Facebook ads on your own, or you can get some of the most comprehensive training I’ve encountered.  Check out Facebook Ad Mastery >>

Twitter Remarketing

This useful tool operates in the same method as Facebook. All you have to do is set up the pixel on your website to begin targeting your website’s visitors on Twitter. The only difference is that Twitter requires you to have a higher minimum audience count before you can start promoting to them.


Follow Me Here on Twitter and I Will Follow You Back >>


I have found this to be as successful as Facebook remarketing, but it takes a bit more, in my opinion, to set it up.

You first have to set up conversion tracking ( more here >> ).  This is a “tag” you put on your website pages and then Twitter creates a list of users who actually visit that page.  You can then use this list (or a Tailored Audience), to connect with these visitors later with very customized messages.  It can also work in the reverse, that is you can exclude the same people if you wanted from certain messages.

There are also some more advanced features and functions you can do with Twitter Remarketing.  To start I would recommend you just focus on this basic aspect of this tool.  The Twitter Ads dashboard can give you some very specific data about your audience and how they are interacting with your content.

Twitter success is also about having lots of Tweets and content.  You have to get the attention of your Followers regularly.  There are a lot of tools you can use to schedule tweets.  I have used TweetMachine 2.0 for several years.  It is an inexpensive WP plugin that not only let’s you send a continuous stream of tweets, but also build your email list!

When you can use a tool like this to tailor your message on Twitter, then you are more likely to get responses from the people you want.  This is how you can leverage the huge number of Twitter users for more guaranteed website traffic.

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Concentrate on Your Headlines

According to a research study just recently released by QuickSprout Marketing, 8 out of ten individuals will check out a title and not check out the rest of the ad. This implies that you need to be spending about 80 percent of your time perfecting the headline to get the attention of your audience. Whether you are running ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or pay-per-click, you want your headlines to be best.

What makes a strong, attention getting blog headline?  It depends on who you are blogging to and where that audience is going to read the headline.

Regardless, the best headlines accomplish two things:

  1. It appeals directly to the target audience
  2. That audience must perceive a promise of value if they read the article

This doesn’t mean you have to be super creative about it.  You also don’t need to go overboard with SEO as well.  Just making sure your keyword(s) is in the first part of your headline is enough for most blogs.

According to Ryan Scott, a marketing expert and writer at Hubspot, here are some of the best types of headlines to use:

  1. The ‘Best’ Headlines
  2. The ‘Make My Life Easier’ Headlines
  3. The ‘It’s a Race’ Headlines
  4. The ‘If I Were You’ Headlines
  5. The ‘What We Do When…’ Headlines
  6. The ‘Backed By Science’ Headlines
  7. The ‘Why X People Do X’ Headlines
  8. The ‘Experience Has Taught Well’ Headlines
  9. The ‘Let Me List Them Out For You’ Headlines
  10. The ‘Don’t Be Stupid’ Headlines
  11. The ‘Don’t Be Ignorant’ Headlines
  12. The ‘Everyone Loves Competition’ Headlines
  13. The ‘Click Bait’ Headlines

Regardless of “type” of headline, you want it to be relevant, address a pain point, and capture the attention of your reader.

Ryan posted a more indepth article about this subject >> HERE << you might want to check out.

Bottomline is that concentrating on writing great headlines will get you more guaranteed website traffic.  By appealing to the specific interests of your target audience, they are much more likely to click through to your site.


Post  Content Regularly

Hanging out blogging regularly really does drive traffic. A recent study revealed that by increasing the variety of blog sites that you publish from 2 per week to over 10 weekly, business might see a 300 percent boost in their traffic.  If you have an audience who knows you posted regularly and with content they want, then you have created a valuable source of guaranteed website traffic.

As good as that sounds, it is an awful amount of work to publish 10 post per week.  I’m not saying I’m afraid of work — I just don’t have enough hours in the day to publish 10 weekly posts AND do all the other stuff I need to do, both inside and outside of my online business.  If you can manage to this this, then go for it!

A word of caution, however.  Be sure that whatever you publish is high quality and valuable.  Google (and your readers) will appreciate higher quality over higher quantity.  Don’t just sling a bunch of words for the sake of having content.  From all I’ve learned, a good weekly post of 1,500 to 2,500 words is going to rank better than 10 posts of just 500 words.

One way you can get more posts is to outsource your content.  I’ve done this myself when I’ve been really pressed for time and needed a long, high quality “pillar” post.  It’s not free, but it isn’t all that expensive either.  It depends on what you want, how fast you want it, and whether you want to do any editing after the writer delivers it to you.  Personally, I like to write it myself.  That means I’ll have fewer posts.  It also means I have better control over the quality of the posts as well.

Another content source you can try is PLR.  If you are unfamiliar with PLR, it stands for Private Label Rights.  This is content that has been created by other people and they are letting you use it as your own.  Sounds great, right?  Well, it is a double edged sword if you don’t know what you are doing.  Some PLR is excellent.  A lot of it is worthless — written by in language by non-native speakers and just a grammatical mess.    PLR can give you great content ideas and, if you use a reputable provider, the content requires minimal effort on your part.

I have used PLRAssassin for several years.  They are super responsive if you have an issue.  Their PLR is up-to-date and the quality is generally excellent.  They have some free content you can download and use (but remember that tens of thousands have also used it as well) and they have a paid membership, which is very reasonable.  You can learn more at

That being said, you likewise need to guarantee that your blog sites and entire site are search engine optimized to get the best results.


Guaranteed Traffic From Other Blogs

Finally, enabling your blog site to be syndicated on other sites is an outstanding method to drive guaranteed website traffic to your site. To start,  search for blog sites that are focused in a similar industry which are comparable regarding size and audience.

When you discover a proper website, contact the site administrator and ask if they would like to swap blog site articles. Take turns posting each other’s blog sites and connecting back to the other’s site.

This is very similar to guest posting, but in this you are just swapping posts you’ve already created with another blogger.  You might want to change up your post or recycle and refresh an old one.  If it turns into a true guest posting situation then you can either write a new post yourself or hire it out.

There are also some Web 2.0 sites you will want to post on as well.  These posts don’t need to be as extensive as posts on your main site.  They can just be 500 to 750 words and related to your topic.  When you do these posts you will want to link back to your main post on your main site.  This will get you a few visitors AND some quality backlinks.  Google likes those backlinks.  Especially when they come from high DA sites like WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, etc…

Whenever I post a “pillar” post on a site, I create what I call a “link-wheel” on some of the high domain authority Web 2.0 sites.  These are mini-posts related to my pillar content.  Each post has link to another Web 2.0 site and to the main post.

Here is a great article about high authority Web 2.0 sites.  You can find a lot more information about this by searching around on Google.

I use TrafficZion, a simple automated tool, to connect with other bloggers and regularly drive traffic to all of my sites.

Final Thoughts About Guaranteed Website Traffic

Increasing traffic to your website does not need to cost you a ton of money. With these easy suggestions, you can begin finding brand-new audiences and increasing the traffic to your site.

Set realistic goals for these free traffic sources.  “Free” always comes with a price.  You pay in either time spent or results achieved.  Often it is a combination of both.  Keep that in mind before you quit your day job.

Remember, some of these “free” sources may cost you a few dollars to get them set up and started.   If you can afford it, go for it!  But when you don’t have the spare cash then focus on the methods and strategies you can implement.  The one solid thing you learn  from this know that you can get traffic to your website with some minimal effort.

The key ingredient is ACTION.  Don’t just read about this, do SOMETHING with this.  Even if you just pick one source and focus on that for 30 days – YOU WILL GET TRAFFIC.  Then, once you’ve perfected that method, move onto another and implement it.  Trust me, just doing this for 90 days will make you a very happy marketer!


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