Free Traffic Sources On Steroids – Goal For The Remainder of 2019


My impatience has gotten the better of me!  As much as I know, intellectually, that boot strapping an internet marketing business is a long game, I am still anxious for results.  Rather, I am anxious for better results!  I’ve been using just a few free traffic sources, but it is not getting me what I want.  Something needs to change.

Over that past 90 days I’ve focused mostly on developing my Twitter following and subsequent traffic from that. As of this most I am almost at 2000 followers and getting a daily flow of traffic from them.  It has not been as much as I hoped, but it is growing.

I also set up TrafficZion for my site and it too is bringing in some traffic.

I’ve had minimal signups for my email list.  The poor results here have been a function of two things:

  1. Focused Effort… or lack thereof!  Yes, I have a sign up form, but I have not given this a lot of attention.  In fact, I’ve put almost no effort into building my list.  That needs to change.
  2. Low Volume of Traffic.  This, I believe, is the main reason I am not getting the results I want.  My traffic is just too low to be successful in something as competitive as internet marketing.

What Is My Endgame?

This is, of course, the overriding question.

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