Free Traffic Sources On Steroids – Goal For The Remainder of 2019

My impatience has gotten the better of me!  As much as I know, intellectually, that boot strapping an internet marketing business is a long game, I am still anxious for results.  Rather, I am anxious for better results!  I’ve been using just a few free traffic sources, but it is not getting me what I want.  Something needs to change.

Over that past 90 days I’ve focused mostly on developing my Twitter following and subsequent traffic from that. As of this most I am almost at 2000 followers and getting a daily flow of traffic from them.  It has not been as much as I hoped, but it is growing.

I also set up TrafficZion for my site and it too is bringing in some traffic.

I’ve had minimal signups for my email list.  The poor results here have been a function of two things:

  1. Focused Effort… or lack thereof!  Yes, I have a sign up form, but I have not given this a lot of attention.  In fact, I’ve put almost no effort into building my list.  That needs to change.
  2. Low Volume of Traffic.  This, I believe, is the main reason I am not getting the results I want.  My traffic is just too low to be successful in something as competitive as internet marketing.

What Is My Endgame?

This is, of course, the overriding question.

Why am I doing this at all?  The answer is simple… I want to create passive streams of income that will last a lifetime.  After working in corporate jobs and owning my own businesses for the past 20+ years, I know now I am unlikely to accumulate the necessary amount to cash to live on for the rest of my life.  That means I need to have a flow of income that will maintain my lifestyle while I enjoy life instead of working for a paycheck.

All that to say that my endgame is passive income stream — profitable passive income stream.  But before I can reap profits through internet marketing, I need to have traffic to my websites.  Traffic will help me grow my list, which will help grow my profits.

So, that means I need to have way more traffic then I am getting now.  It means I have to leverage free traffic sources as hard as I can.

This is going to be my goal between now and the end of 2019.  Getting more traffic, in addition to giving those visitors great content, is the core of me reaching my endgame of consistent, passive income.

free traffic sources for affiliate marketing

Goal For The Rest of 2019

Without a doubt I’d like to be one of those marketers who has a list of tens of thousands.  A marketer who can predict how much they will make from each email they send.  I know this is necessary for me a to create a reliable stream of passive income.

I also know that if I set a goal of 10,000 subscribers by the end of 2019  (5 months from now), I will fail.  Or at least I believe I will.  Can it be done?  Sure — if I were willing to spend a ton in advertising, solo ads, etc…  I am not willing to do this.

This effort will be boot-strapped.  Will I do any advertising?  Probably, but it will be from the profits of any sales and not from my pocket.

In fact, I am not even setting a goal for subscribers.  I don’t think I have the traffic today to forecast what it takes to acquire a subscriber.  My goal is going to be in terms of visitors to my site.  Once I can have a predictable flow of traffic (visitors), then I can turn more focused attention to email subscribers.

website traffic generator

My goal is going to be in terms of free traffic sources…

100 Visitors Per Day By December 31, 2019

That’s All?

This might sound incredibly modest to some of your reading this.  However, 100 per day is a huge jump from where I am right now, August 5, 2019.

100 per day is a number I can get my mind around.  When I look at my available time and resources, it is a number I can see myself doing.  One of the key tenets to setting goals is to make it realistic.  Something like 1,000 per day is desirable, but not realistic to me.  I want a goal I can get behind and 100 per day does that for me.

Also, if I do the math, very conservatively, I can see me making some money.  If only 1% of those 3000 monthly visitors “converts” at an average commission rate of just $15, that is 30 sales and $450 per month.  $450, or portion thereof, can be leveraged into advertising and promotion to push the traffic even higher.

Plus, 3000 visitors a month will yield more email list registrations.  And we all know that email lists convert at a higher rate.

My 30 Day Laser Focus

traffic sources for affiliate marketing

Today I am launching a new 30 Day Case Study!  Actually, my efforts are going to to last much longer than just 30 days.  Over the next 5 months I am going to focus on one specific traffic effort for 30 days and write about my results, achievements, frustrations, and victories.

I am going to implement five new traffic sources in each of the five months.  By the end of the year, I will have seven traffic strategies in play.  My criteria for each is as follows….

  • Must be able to operate the day-to-day activities on autopilot (or as much as possible)
  • 100% boot-strapped, not spending any money on the specific strategy
  • Must deliver at least 10 visitors, on average, per day

You might be saying to yourself…”self, 7 strategies with only 10 visitors each, is just 70 visitors per day?”  And I would say your math is correct!  However, I know the power of momentum.  Once a specific traffic strategy brings starts bringing in 10 per day, it will start to multiple.  So that (fingers-crossed) should get me to the 100 per day I want.

My Five New Free Traffic Sources Strategy

I’ve given this a lot of thought and I already know what my first two new strategies are going to be … Pinterest and Reddit.  Pinterest will come first since I already have some familiarity with that platform.

The other two I have already implemented are Twitter and   Neither of these are getting me the results I really want,  but that’s okay.  I have not given either really focused attention.  I will have to change that over time.  For now, they are both about 95% on autopilot and I’m not going to change that.  In fact, I may just let those continue to run until after the first of the year.  By that time I should be up to around 5,000 Twitter Followers, if not more.  That is a stronger base to leverage than what I have now.

Currently I use two specific tools to automate my Twitter and traffic strategy..

TweetMachine 2.0 Pro


Both of these work great.  With some fine tuning I can make them even better.  Alas, there are only so many hours in a day I have to devote to this.  Pinterest and Reddit have a lot of promise and I don’t want to miss opportunities there while I fine tune the others.

If you want to follow my progress, just leave a comment below.  I’ll send you my Twitter cheatsheet when you do as a thank you.

Rest assured I am not going to bombard you with an endless stream of promotions.  You’ll get some, but only about tools and products that I plan to use and implement myself.  You can expect approximately one email a day from me as I chronicle my journey to this goal.  Deal?

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Final Thoughts

I know I am laying myself out there for all to see.  Some people only want to hear from internet marketing gurus.  Others are looking for shortcuts to find their riches.  I’ve looked and haven’t found them.  What I’ve come to realize is that building any business, whether internet or brick and mortar, requires some time an effort.

My soul wants me to find that get-rich-quick course, or software, or strategy.  I’ve tried that over and over and haven’t found it.  Seriously, have you found that “10 minutes a day to make an easy $500” pitch to really work.  If so, let me know.  I’ve bought a bunch of them and never say it.

Maybe I hit my goal of 100 visitors per day by the end of the year with free traffic sources.  Maybe I won’t.  Who knows?

What I do know is that by doing this …

  1. I am going to get more traffic than I am getting now
  2. I am going to learn a whole lot about “free” traffic
  3. I am going to have fun

Join me and give me your advice and input.  Sign up to follow me now!


For This Series…

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