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Welcome to Daily Income Lab, where in this post we are reviewing Demetris Papadopoulos and Alek Krulik’s Traffic Zion – Free Traffic Generator method.

To begin, I have been using this tool since it was launched over a year ago.  For some of my sites, it is the primary source of my traffic.   These sites are in the job search niche, health niche, self-development niche, and marketing niche.   When they say it works in any niche, you can believe them.

There are a lot of ways to use Traffic Zion if you have a WP site.  Obviously my 3 Step Method is how I prefer to use it (driving traffic to other people’s funnels).

Plus, if you decide to get Traffic Zion through my link you’ll get a bonus (below) that I am throwing in as a thank you for your fast action.

We’ll save that for later.

For now, let me go ahead and share some more information so you’ll understand why Traffic Zion is one of the best free traffic sources!

Traffic Zion Case Study – Free Traffic Sources



I don’t really like to promote or recommend any product that doesn’t include bonuses to help you implement and leverage the value.


Because there is a lot of worthless stuff being sold today.  I know — I’ve bought hundreds of dollars of it in the past.  I just refuse to promote or recommend nonsense just for the sake of making a few quick dollars.  Traffic Zion, like any other tool or program you see on this site is the real deal.


Plus, they offer some ridiculously valuable bonuses that can help make you a lot of money!

Traffic Zion – Free Traffic Generator Bonuses

Bonus #1 –  Super Traffic and Marketing Library – Get hundreds of products to download and offer as bonuses in your own promotions!

Bonus #2 – Link Supercharger Software – This is a powerful solution to generate more traffic, brand your domains, and maximize your commission

Bonus #3 – WordPress SEO Beginner’s Guide – Everything you need to start getting massive traffic to your WordPress website.

Bonus #4 – SEO and Ranking Tracking Tactics – These are proven insider tips on the tools you need to track your SEO rankings like a pro.

Bonus #5 – Landing Pages 101 Guide – Use this guide to create the most effective landing pages for web and mobile devices.

Bonus #6 – Viral Secrets – Learn the secret code to going viral.  Unpack the case study of a viral media spy.

Bonus #7 – Better SEO in Less Than A Month – An SEO insider explains the techniques and tools to improve and monitor your SEO rankings

Bonus # 8 – Creating Your First Start Up – Learn everything you need to know to build a vibrant online business from the ground up (I am using several of these techniques!)

Bonus # 9 – Profit Blog Secrets – A peek inside the world of the blogging pros.  See how they build high profit blogs every time and make real money.

Bonus #10 – Lock Down Your WP Website – Discover why and how you should secure your website.


Buy Traffic Zion?  Here’s My Traffic Zion Review

I’ve been telling you about Demetris Papadopoulos and Alek Krulik’s Traffic Zion – Free Traffic Generator method.

Just what is a Traffic Zion.

If you look it up, “Zion” means heavenly city or kingdom of heaven.  While I recognize the marketing value of that description, Traffic Zion isn’t going to solve EVERY traffic challenge you have.  It WILL significantly increase your traffic over and above what you are getting now!

How do I use this tool?

  • When I create a new site, I use it to start driving traffic within hours after implementing it.
  • I can target traffic to specific pages and posts on my site
  • I refine the traffic targeting whenever I want to emphasize certain topics or subjects on my site
  • It gives me instant blog followers
  • I target my blog followers to know what blogs I can make comments on
  • The tool gives me high some high authority links to my site(s)

What I like most, is that I can create free affiliate traffic on complete autopilot.  Literally!

Maybe once I week I check to see if the tool is still running correctly.  I might adjust a keyword here and there.  That is all I do.  It just keeps going and traffic keeps arriving on my sites without me lifting a finger!

I have set up the tool for several niches – self-improvement, job search, health and fitness, occupations, and marketing.  The tool has sent me traffic in all of them.

The guys behind this tools have done their homework.  They aren’t IM millionaires (yet!), but regular guys running a business and providing value.  I know that they tested this software like crazy before releasing it.  I got it on the original launch and they have been improving it ever since then.  I think it is on at least the fourth update as I write this.

How Does It Work?

First, automation is the core of Traffic Zion.  It takes a few minutes to set up the tool (you can do it in less than an hour).  After that, you just let it do its thing.

The main purpose of Traffic Zion is to allow you to get free targeted traffic, in any niche possible, and on autopilot

A word of caution — this only works for WordPress sites.  So if you are trying to build you business with Wics or something similar, move on.

There is about four steps to how this works:

FIRST: Go to Gravatar and create your account.

SECOND: Choose your niche (for this Gravatar account) by selecting appropriate keywords.  The training that comes with Traffic Zion shows you how to do this.  Then connect your site to the avatar in your account.

You can have multiple Gravatar accounts, you are only limited by an email address.

THIRD: Find your target audience.  Out of respect for Demetris and Alek’s intellectual rights, I can’t tell you what their source is, but it is all explained in the training.  It is a high authority resource.  They don’t use any of the spammy and illegitimate traffic sources.

FOURTH: Generate Revenue!  Through their source and targeting, you will see your website traffic increase with leads, blog comments, site follows, and views in the less than 24 hours.  And, if you have solid converting pages, you’ll also see sales!

Get FREE Traffic Plus 10 Fast Action Bonuses

Getting back to the central question – “Does it work?”…

I wish I had kept specific results for my other sites.   Unfortunately I didn’t.

What I can share is the video below which offers live proof of traffic quality and results.  I did get this video from the developers of Traffic Zion.  I can say that anecdotally my results have been similar.


So, really, you are only limited by your imagination as to what niches you want to drive traffic to!

This is Real Marketing Power!

Traffic Zion Bonus From Me

Let me give you some help if you want to get Traffic Zion…

If you decide to give it a try (there is a money-back guarantee), send me a copy of your receipt and I will send you…

This is the perfect companion to Traffic Zion!

Here’s what you’ll discover in this guide:

  • The importance of developing high-quality content that is SEO optimized and how to use analytics to continually improve your strategy.
  • How to create a powerful social media marketing campaign and discover the best social media platforms for your particular target audience.
  • The importance of link building and how to approach it.
  • Why guest blogging can be the best way to increase traffic to your site and how to go about finding the right blogs to approach.
  • How to grow your email list and implement an email marketing campaign that will get you results.
  • And much, much more…

Traffic Zion + Traffic Machine

Just send me your receipt and I’ll send this to you for FREE!

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