Earn Easy Commissions Program – Promoting Powerful Affiliate Sales Funnels

The fastest and easiest way to start earning affiliate commissions to to promote other people’s funnels.  And the fastest, least expensive funnel to promote is the Earn Easy Commissions (now called My Online Startup) program!

This is the program I use daily to build my affiliate sales funnel and to earn passive income.  It is 100% FREE to join and you get paid rapidly.

First of all, I will reveal….

  1. How the program works
  2. How you actually earn commissions
  3. Why this program works so well
  4. How to get started

How The Program Works

This is a very very stupid simple program.

First of all, you learn, you learn how to become an online entrepreneur, you share and you earn right? It’s a very very simple process you learn you share and you earn. Now we’re gonna have one of the best step-by-step training videos for free.  If you need anything that’s got to do of success entrepreneurship, you have it in here.  If you need any training videos on traffic generation, you would have it here anything on conversions.

When you register (for free) you have access to a training portal.   These are some of the  best step-by-step training videos.   You don’t need to actually buy or invest in any other courses out there.

They also have ongoing good coaching and ongoing webinars to make sure you up to date and  know exactly what’s happening.

How Your Earn Commissions

Now on top of all that, this program can actually help you make lots and lots of autopilot commissions.  Of course, there are some terms involved, which I’ll walk you through in this post.

Let’s say for example, you’re free member.  You just joined, so you haven’t actually upgraded,  you haven’t actually bought in any of their paid membership levels yet.  Don’t worry, you can remain a free member for ever if you want!

Step One:

All you need to do is share your affiliate link for the My Online Startup sales funnel.   That’s all you have to do!

Anytime someone registers with your link, you get $1.00.

When people land you your link,  then they’re gonna go to a short qualification process,  Basically this qualification process will be for us t the EEC for folks to assess  whether they’re actually a real person.  After all they are going to pay you a dollar for just referring them.  They have to be sure it is for real.

If they actually pass a qualification process you earn $1 per qualified lead,

You don’t even need to make a single sale!

For example, let’s say you refer 50 people to the program . Out of those 50 people, 30 of them are qualified members. That means you earn $30 dollars in commission — NO SALES REQUIRED.  Your members don’t have to buy a single thing , you earn 30 bucks for just referring people into the  program.

Step Two:

Now, let’s say you want to upgrade to a higher level.

The next level is the Pro Member.  As a Pro Member you do the same thing.  You share your link, after that they create their account, they go to a qualification process again.   If they qualify you get paid the $1 for the lead.  But this time if that same lead right decides to also become a Pro Member you get an additional $50.

As a free member you would actually miss out on this commission step. But as a Pro Member you actually can earn $50 in pro commission.  50 times the commission for the same amount of work.

It’s very, very important that you make sure you upgrade to at least a Pro Member, because there’s gonna be lots and lots of your members upgrading to the Pro Membership.   You actually miss out on all these additional commissions if you’re not a Pro Member.

Anyone can upgrade.  Let’s say out of those 50 people in the previous example, 20 of them upgrade to Pro.  That means you earn $20 plus the 20 people times $50.   That is  $1,000  in commissions — Bang just like that!  All you did was refer the 50 people into the program and you earn exponentially more  just because you upgraded it to become a Pro Member yourself

Step Three:

What happens if you are an Elite Member by doing just the the same thing?

You share your link. They create an account. They go through the qualification process. If they qualify, you earn $1 in commission right?

Now, on top of that, if your members decide to upgrade to a Pro, you’re in $50 in commission more.   But on top of that, if they also decide to become an Elite Member, you earn $250  in elite upgrades! Again, this is all from the same referral!

You’re not doing a single thing but sharing a link to a highly effective sales funnel.  This is what I mean by promoting other peoples funnel.   Everything here  happens behind the scenes on complete autopilot.  I love autopilot systems and that is why I love the Earn Easy Commissions program.

And all you need to do is share your link.

To give an example, let’s say you refer 50 people, 30 of them are qualified (that’s $30), 20 upgrade to Pro (that’s a $1000), and let’s say only 10 upgrade to Elite.  That’s $2,500  in commissions.

There is also a VIP partner level so you can earn $1000 on every single VIP upgrade.  I’ll let you learn more about that when you get into the program yourself.

Essentially, if you are free member you actually miss this.  If you are a pro member this is what you can earn. If you’re an Elite Member, it really starts growing from there.   I’d start out as a free member, take the initial earnings from that to upgrade to Pro, then those earnings to upgrade to Elite, and so on.  This is a slower way to ramping up your commissions, but you have no out of pocket costs.

Of course, if you want to really take massive action, you can upgrade right away after you register.  Watch the video here to learn more >>

The numbers could be a lot higher, it could be a lot less.  It just depends on the quality of people you refer into the program.


Watch This Video And Get Started Today >>


Why It Works So Well

You need to have the right mindset going into this.

It doesn’t matter what I tell you to do. It does matter how this program works.  You won’t succeed because it’s always a plan B. There’s always a plan C. There’s also plan D.

So first of all, I want you to actually imagine this is the last and only program for you to build your online business.  So if this doesn’t work, you’re going to quit your online business and you never try again.  Unless you have that mentality, nothing’s ever going work for you.

I want this to work for you.   This is the last and only program you ever need.  I want you to decide how much you’re willing to invest so don’t worry about how much Pro costs.  If I told you that this is a last and only program that you can ever use, that you’ll ever need to build online business, how much are you willing to invest to build a very successful online business to?

Pretty much do whatever you want to do.   Whether that’s to quit your job,  whether that’s to do it part-time, even if you just have 60 minutes a day.   It doesn’t matter.  If you have a ‘why’, if you have a purpose, if you have a reason,  that is how much are you willing to invest to achieve your goal.

So after you do the first three steps, I want you to actually go to the tab and  find out how the VIP works.   How much does that cost? What are the benefits?


MY Process To Promote Other People’s Funnels >>


I want to be fully transparent… You’re not going to change your life by being a free member.

You can make money.  You’d have a small part-time income stream working from home. That’s completely fine.  But you want to actually change your life, if you actually want to build a very, very successful online business, I do recommend you go for the higher levels.

One, for the benefit, the products, the trainings, the coaching itself, but – because of the increasing Commissions!

So if you need any help, in mindset, productivity, traffic generation, email marketing, conversions, copywriting, and anything like that, you have all those trainings in the program.


How To Get Started

What you need to do right now, I want to direct you to the path  you can take for your best result.

Everyone’s situation is different.  Remember to have the right mindset.  Imagine that this is the last and only program you ever need to build online business.   I don’t want you  to go through this program with the mindset of if this doesn’t work, I look for something else.

Last of all, take massive action! You will not get results if you don’t stay focused and you definitely won’t get results if you don’t take action.  Go Here to watch 2 informative videos.  Get registered for your free account.  Upgrade if you can.  Start promoting this funnel and build your online business.

Watch This Video And Get Started Today >>

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