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Digital Marketing Coach – I discovered myself out of work after 13 years working for the Department of Homeland Security. I was injured on the job, my ill and yearly was tired and the insurance coverage I paid into for 4 years declined my claim. I ran out work hurt with no capital. Buddies & household who I believed would be supportive only criticised me. My life was at the bottom of the ocean.

I chose to begin an online organization. I selected a nich I had the a lot of experience in. I choose the Hip Hop specific niche. I had twenty years experience composing lyrics and 10 years making Hip Hop beats. My ability and skill was excellent in your area so I knew I would earn money online without any issue.

A year gone by and I never sold a single beat. I had a site. I had quality beats. I couldnt find out what I was doing incorrect, so I began to think about other specific niches online. Direct sales opportunities, affiliate sales, mlm, I tried them all but still only made a couple of dollars here and there. In my heart I felt making a full time income online was possible, I simply didn’t know how.

One day I chose to add my organization to another (6) social media platform to attempt my luck there. I reached out to a good friend I satisfied online 6 months previously due to the fact that he appeared to be prerry experienced. He gave me this link

When I saw what was on the opposite of this link I instantly recognized what I was doing wrong and why I struggled to make a full time earnings online for 2.5 years.

When a kid finishes high school and desires to earn a nice size income that will permit him or her to live a comfy life and raise a household without struggling they acquire Higher Learning, an Education, a Trade, a Profession. They Invest Time & Cash in order to get a career.

I wished to obtain the same objectives however I never realized that I need to have obtained the education before I began online. This is where I got my education to obtail a complete time earnings.

Second I realized that having a Mentor to assist me connect the dots while and after I educated my self on how to earn a full-time income, would have helped me to reduce my experimentation phase by 90%.

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