Create Traffic and Affiliate Sales with Free Viral Reports


Did you know that the free viral report is rather potentially the most deadly weapon in an affiliate marketer’s arsenal?

It allows the marketer to rapidly multiply his or her efforts while slashing  marketing costs. All the marketer has to do is develop a viral report for little or no charge, embed an affiliate link in said report, and then discover numerous avenues of distribution that will guarantee that the report is perpetuated as far as possible– from group to group to group.

Now, with this being stated, when it comes to developing free viral reports, a substantial quantity of targeting and back-end system setup is required. Just jotting down trash, tossing in an affiliate link, and after that attempting to send it to everyone you know in.txt format isn’t most likely to get you anything; nor is it likely to increase your efforts by causing other marketers to redistribute the report for you.

Instead, you need to start from a different point. You need to identify what topic people are trying to find related to your particular affiliate product.

For example, do they require more info about the item itself? Do they want to understand how to use that product effectively?

Pick Your Topic That Matches Your Product

Whatever your angle happens to be, ensure that it lines up with the desires of your clients and also ties in nicely with your affiliate product.

Next, produce the actual viral report and embed your affiliate link in several locations. If you have a site and a list, you might want to rather publish a link to your list– and after that utilize back-end mechanisms to make the sale.

Your last step is to really guarantee that this viral report:
a) Gets into as many people’s hands as humanly possible; and
b) Gets into the hands of individuals who will certainly rearrange it to others without charging any charges. This is where the art of free viral report circulation enters play.

A good way to distribute your viral report is to create a buzz on forums. You will wish to go over some particular experience you had related to the subject you will cover in the report– and you will want to do it well in advance of your release date.

You will then wish to start talking up your release– and also note that the report will be completely free. Moreover, you may want to even begin locking people in for immediate circulation via email by getting them to sign up with a list.


Learn More

To learn more about viral marketing through this method, you might wish to take a look at some of the case studies at the following URL:

In addition, you might wish to take a look at which is an exceptional tool you can utilize to create the real viral PDF reports.

Once you have started developing an online forum buzz for the report, you will want to go to e-zine owners in your specific niche and ask if they are interested in getting a free report on whichever subject you are marketing. The circulation result will increase, subsequently increasing your sales.

Give it a try and let us know below how it works for you!


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