Clickbank For Beginners: How To Make Money On Clickbank for FREE


Clickbank for beginnersWelcome to my Clickbank For Beginners article.  In this article, we will be talking about a  Clickbank tutorial about how to make money online for free.  With Clickbank you aren’t required to spend any money to get started (I like this!)

I am sharing a great video by Franklin Hatchett, a successful, full-time internet and affiliate marketer from New Zealand.

We’ll go over a very specific method, step-by-step, he uses to make a lot of money from  Clickbank affiliate products.

When you see how simple this process is, you will be able to replicate it and try it yourself.

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So let’s begin by exploring Franklin’s system that he discusses in the video.  I’ve outlined it below so that you can have it in a written format and can easily access the information.

You can do this yourself if you have no money at all.  Zero…. nothing… zilch.

 So What is Clickbank and How Does It Make Your Money?

Clickbank is a marketplace where you can find products to sell and you get a commission. You don’t need to have your own items and all you need to do is send out traffic to it. The traffic Franklin mentions in his video is FREE and fast!

Franklin uses an easy 3 step procedure  to earn money online, utilizing things like online forums, blog sites, and Facebook.

The very first thing you wish to do is register and go into the market to find an item. As soon as you have found an item make sure it has a good gravity and an affiliate page so you can utilize the resources.

You really discover all of this in the university that Clickbank supplies and they have excellent reviews. To start, you don’t need this due to the fact that this tutorial reveals how to do this totally free .

As soon as you have actually discovered an excellent item in the market, you are now prepared to earn money online. Internet marketing programs are terrific for newbies because they do well in the marketplace. The gravity is very high on the programs.

If you want high converting items,  opt for the ones that John Crestani, Tai Lopez, Mike Ling and John Chow sell.

Here’s an example:

John Crestani Super Affiliate System


There’s four niches  that he finds highly profitable.  Franklin strongly recommends you stick to these four niches.

Fitness and Health –  This is a massive fruitful niche

Cryptocurrency and Stock Trading.

General Internet Marketing– how to make money online,  courses and, tools

Software – This includes  things like click funnels, web hosting , etc.  You can’t really find much of that on Clickbank, but you can find it in Google.  You just type ‘best software affiliates’ or similar, and you can do software.

If you are just starting out, he recommends sticking  to the basics and doing health fitness, crypto /stock trading, or general internet commerce. That’s how you’re going reach the good money.


Now that you have a program to promote, you want to make a totally free website. This is going to function as a bridge page so you can offer the items utilizing Franklin’s 3 step selling procedure.

You want to attract a customer with a problem, provide them a solution,  then close the sale. You need a website for this or it will not work and be just too difficult to make money online fast.

I really recommend you use a paid site, (i.e… WordPress), but you can start off with a free one.  Having your own site gives you a lot more the benefits and it can help you establish some authority.  There are plenty of tutorials in YouTube that  show you exactly how you can create your own affiliate website,  step-by-step.

But Franklin recommends you do it for free in thi, since  this is really all you need for now if you’re starting out.  You should seriously consider using .  Go there and you’ll see various plans.  You want to pick there free plan  and create a free website that we can use its 100% free

It’s  free for life.  Once it is set up you might even consider a free sales funnel program like I use.  (More about that HERE)



When you have established the website, it’s time to move onto traffic.

Franklin outlines 3 free traffic sources he utilizes to send out traffic. So how does this work?

Once you have actually sent out the traffic to the affiliate website,  they simply click on your links and you will get a commission from the items that listed on Clickbank. You simply promote items.

He suggests that the best location to get traffic is Forums, Blogs and Facebook.  I also use Twitter!  He says these are,  literally, the best place to get free traffic, but you have to do it accurately.  Doing something like this can make you $100, $200, $300, $500 or perhaps $1000 day online.

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There’s two ways you can link out:

Number one:  Franklin does this in the signature.  You can insert a link to something you write in the forum.  This is a link that goes to a page on your site.  When going into the forum all he did was comment on something someone posted or answered a question.  People then clicked on the link in his signature.   He was active in the forms, spending regular time posting and commenting.  But because you’re using the website as a middleman, you don’t get boycotted.  If you link directly to an affiliate sales page you might get restricted on the forum.

Number two: The second option is to go and demonstrate value.   Add videos to your website, even other people’s videos.  Comment about what you learned and share it to the forum.  You can also share websites that have tips or tactics that are useful to the forum members.  What you are doing is helping people solve problems and gain info.  They, in turn, are curious about you and will want to go to your site to learn more.


Your site, your “middleman” site, is where Franklin recommends you place your links.

Franklin suggests you start with the affiliate JV sites, the resources the product developer has already created for you to use.  They often have articles that you can use.  Caution – they’re probably not the best to use.   You will need to edit them so they are in your own voice and not duplicated from other user’s websites.  Google really dislikes duplicate copy!

I would write your own and give give it your own kind of feel and language and really make this make it yours.

Then you want to share your posts to forums, comment on other blogs, and on Franklin’s next recommended traffic source – Facebook.


Unfortunately, he doesn’t share a lot about his Facebook traffic technique in the video.  If we limit it only to free traffic, you have to have a Facebook Fanpage or Group.  You have to post your blog articles (containing your affiliate links).

I have also had success in driving traffic by commenting on other page posts or replying to comments others have made on other page posts.  Just be sure you are commenting as your Fanpage and not your personal Facebook ID.  This is so people who see your comments go to your Fanpage, see YOUR posts, and click on YOUR links.

Here’s a short video to help you get started…


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Not Mentioned In the Video…

Not mentioned is a way to really leverage Clickbank, but there is a monthly fee.

It is a program called CB Passive Income.  You can get more details here:

Clickbank for beginners