Affiliate Marketing With The Best Sales Funnels – Part 5

Well, we have actually come to the final post in the Affiliate Marketing With The Best Sales Funnel series. I hope you’ve enjoyed my posts and learned a lot about establishing basic funnels to grow your company.

In this final post we are going to discuss webinar and video funnels.

Have you ever heard the term evergreen? For a lot of, the image of a terrific huge tree enters your mind.  For internet online marketers it’s a system that constantly repeats itself and can be used to create constant sales, virtually hands free!  And if you read any of my material you know I am all about automated funnels and passive income!

I like to call it “set and forget marketing”, due to the fact that you do it just one-time and after that it simply keeps going.  It is sort of like the Energizer Bunny of affiliate marketing funnels!

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Evergreen Holy Grail

Webinar and video marketing funnels are simply the holy grail of evergreen.  They make an exceptional entry point into any sales funnel. They’re ideal for cultivating new leads and turning them into paying consumers.  That’s why a lot of the most successful online marketers utilize them.

A good example is John Cristani’s Super Affiliate System.  He uses an automated webinar as the #1 entry point to his main product.  Not only is the webinar entertaining and full of great info, it is a perfect example of what I am talking about.


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Super Affiliate System


What makes webinars and video marketing so attractive is their versatility, affordability and efficiency.  All you require is your mobile phone and something to talk about to get going.

Obviously you can get fancy if you wish to with green screens and high tech equipment.  But you don’t have to do that.   Any recording device will do.

I understand I might sound like a broken record here, however everything starts with a great landing page and an optin form. Whether you’re developing a brief video series or a full blown webinar you need to be collecting leads.

On that page you should have a clear and compelling headline that gets the audience’s’ attention immediately.  Include a list of advantages that clearly show possible customers what they will get by registering for your webinar or video marketing series.

Then cover it up with a strong call to action that really stands apart on the page and accentuates your optin form.

Even if what you’re using as an incentive is complimentary, it’s still your job to convince them that they ought to provide you their e-mail address and make time to see.

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Now YOU Take Action

When it comes to utilizing webinars and video for list building it’s all about placing yourself as an authority in the eyes of your consumer. The material you share needs to inform audiences and present them with the benefits of your product and services.

If you can help individuals see how what you have can solve their problems, then you will see much higher conversions in general, no matter what kind of funnel you utilize.

As we close this final post I would like to thank you for reading through — AND CHALLENGE YOU.

Making Affiliate Sales Funnels IS Hard Work!

If any of these posts make sense then I CHALLENGE you to take action NOW!

Follow these three steps to start living your dream as a successful affiliate marketer.

Follow these three steps to start leveraging the power of affiliate marketing sales funnels TODAY>


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STEP TWO: Set Aside One Hour Every Day to Work On Your Funnels

STEP THREE:  Contact Me With Any Questions


You can do this.  You have the smarts and the means to make it happen.  Don’t let inaction be your enemy. If I can do this, so can you.

It just takes time, persistence, dedication, and focus.

Make It Happen TODAY!





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