Affiliate Marketing With The Best Sales Funnels – Part 4

This is the 4th in a series of five posts I am doing about Affiliate Marketing with the best sales funnels.  To read the previous posts, click the “Previous Post” button below.  You can also start with Post #1 HERE >>

Although I am getting near the end of this series, I still want to go over a couple of very important things.  So in this post we are going to leap right in and discuss how you can utilize a podcast to get more individuals into your affiliate sales funnels.

Have you ever thought about beginning a podcast?

Podcasts have lots of benefits especially when it comes to developing brand recognition. In another business I hosted a weekly call-in podcast for a segment of the health care industry.  I think it cost me about $39 out of pocket each month, but it created huge name and brand recognition.  One time my daughter was at a business networking function and introduced herself to an attorney.  After hearing her last name he asked if she knew me  and told her he and his staff listened to my podcast every week!

Podcasts are incredibly popular, fairly simple to produce, and, as a lead generation technique. they are hard to beat.  They are a fantastic way to get in touch with a large audience of people excited to hear what you have to say.  When you couple a good, regular podcast with a well thought out sales funnel, it’s a little bit like striking gold.

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Getting Your Podcast Up And Running

Actually it is beyond the scope or focus of this post to teach you everything about getting a podcast off the ground.  There are a lot of resources available for you to do that.  Neil Patel has probably one of the best tutorials for starting a podcast.  Best of all– it’s free!  Check it out HERE >>

There is also a great podcasting “To-Do’ list if you want to get at this quick and dirty…  Podcast “To-Do” List >>

The very first thing you’ll require is a good microphone and recording software application.  This is much easier to do than you think.  Amazon has loads of very reasonably priced equipment to get you off to a good start.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, complex, or expensive.

I recommend you start off with a reasonably priced “Podcast Kit”.  This will give you everything you need to get started.  One of the most popular is the Pyle Plug in Play kit.  It is highly rated and it is an Amazon Choice!  Check it out HERE >>

Next you’ll require software application like Audacity.  This will allow you to easily record and edit your podcast before you publish it.  You’ll want to add some royalty free music in the intro and outro.  Make sure you only use royalty-free music or you can get yourself into some big copyright problems.  Audacity is  a fantastic option specifically when you are simply getting started.

You will also need a place to host your podcast. You can naturally host them on your own domain, but as you create more episodes simply be conscious of the great deal of room these file will take up on your server.  You will require a lot of bandwidth as your audience grows, which can become expensive if you don’t monitor it closely.  Alternatively you can utilize devoted hosting on a site like Bluehost.

In the past I used BlogTalkRadio as my platform.  It is easy and FREE!!  Who doesn’t like free?

Getting Your Podcast Heard

Just because you record it doesn’t mean anyone will listen.  You need to distribute your podcast.

If you go with a platform like BlogTalkRadio, they go a long way in getting your podcast distributed.  But you will still need to do some marketing work on your own.  Think of it as a lead magnet.  You may have the greatest ebook in the world.  However, if no one knows it exists, it might as well not.

Be sure to list your podcast on a podcast directory.  Popular directories like iTunes, Soundcloud or PodBean are a terrific alternatives.   Directories have the extra included benefit of having a great deal of people who browse for brand-new content to listen to regularly.   With many people searching for new content it  will make getting brand-new customers a lot easier.

Like with any other type of affiliate marketing sales funnel, it is very important to start with the end goal in mind. In this case it’s to bring in targeted customers, turn them into passionate listeners, and move them through your sales process.

While podcasts aren’t especially difficult to develop they do need some planning and commitment.

You think through what your audience has an interest in finding out, how you will tie the items and services you use into your recordings, and how often you’re going to broadcast.  Frequency and regularity is important.  If you can’t commit to at least once a week, I suggest you hold off doing this until you can. You need to always prepare your episodes with your audience in mind, because they can make or break your program.

When it comes to podcasting for leads a professional sounding intro is really important since it’s what people will hear. You want to let people know what you are all about in a couple of short seconds. If you aren’t sure how to tape an excellent intro, I advise listening to a few popular podcasts in your niche to see how they open and close their show.

You can also use Fiverr to get a good, 10 second intro created for less than $10!

The Mind Your Business Podcast is a terrific example to begin with. His intro is entertaining, informative and informs you of his story in under a minute.

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Make It Count With Action


As with any other kind of affiliate marketing funnel, a devoted landing page with a strong call to action (CTA) is a must, since you want to capture the contact info of your subscribers, so you can get them into your funnel.

It’s important to bear in mind that much like any other kind of content, not all of your listeners will listen to the end of your podcast episode. In lots of cases they will be gone long prior to your ending wrap up.

This suggests you need to include your CTA’s briefly in your introduction and throughout your material in order to increase the potential number of leads you receive from those who tune in, even if it’s just for a short amount of time.

I sincerely hope this post was valuable to you. Don’t forget to come back for my next  and final post in this series.  If I have already published it and you are ready this, just click on the “Next Post” button below.

There will be some excellent stuff in that final post!


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