Affiliate Marketing With The Best Sales Funnels – Part 3

This is the third installment of my Affiliate Marketing With The Best Sales Funnels series. If you’ve missed the first two, but click the button below to read them.  My first post was about email marketing funnels and the second concerned techniques for leveraging social media to fill your affiliate marketing funnels.

In this post I am going to address survey funnels.

When it concerns marketing funnels there are lots of possible variations.  In this series I am going to talk about five of the most common and most effective types.  Regardless of what kind of funnel you use or how they are established, the sole purpose of your affiliate funnel is to accomplish the very same thing –Turn prospects into customers!

Likewise, there are many things that can influence how a funnel converts.  For instance,  the quality of the leads, where they go into your funnel, what you offer and the way they are supported through the funnel process.

That  brings us to the next funnel technique that you can use, surveys.

You may not have thought about this funnel technique, but it can be very effective.  With this kind of funnel you can serve 2 purposes.

The first is to encourage visitor interaction.

Because the survey requires them to answer your questions,  and invested time it will take to move forward,  they end up more interested and intrigued by  what you have to offer them.

The second is market research.

As I discussed in the last post, surveys are one of the very best methods imaginable to conduct research.  This is  due to the fact that it enables you to get to know who your visitors are and what they desire.

This will help you much better solve their problems in your marketing message based on their reaction and answers.


Are beginning to see the power behind these kinds of affiliate marketing funnels?

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How To Build A Survey Funnel

Your survey funnels don’t have to be intricate to get the results you want.

They can be as basic as asking a few crucial questions via e-mail and then giving individuals an excellent incentive to reply back. The main goal again, is to send them to a dedicated landing page and get them to commit to giving you their contact details so that you can follow up with them.  This could also be the way you can deliver a tangible incentive, a download or maybe an exclusive video,  after they’ve completed the survey.

There are many ways you can produce a survey. You can construct it on your website utilizing simple forms. If you utilize WordPress there are numerous plugins offered that make the process very simple.

You can host it on an external website like Survey Monkey, Typeform or with Google forms (which I prefer).  Then just share the link to take the survey with your website visitors, email customers, and social fans. You might also look into the integrated in tools readily available on a lot of social platforms to make a fast poll or quiz.  I know Facebook does this.

Which option you select will depend largely on your own individual choices, the type of functionality you want, and how you ‘d like to present it to your consumers.

Planning Your Survey Funnel

The initial step in developing a study funnel is to think about why and what you want your customers to do once they finish it.

Do you wish to discover what your consumers issues are, so you can produce a sales message that will get their attention?

Are you aiming to get a better understanding of their basic demographics so you can target your ad projects more efficiently?

As soon as you know completion objective you will have a much easier time developing your study.

Next you’ll want to decide who  your survey audience is.  Some of the survey platforms mentioned above may be more suited to certain types of audiences.  This is where you’ll need to spend a few minutes thinking about this.

Are they individuals you plan to target with paid marketing?  The questions you ask will differ depending on who you are attempting to reach.

Last,  but not least, you’ll need to consider how you are going to efficiently reach these individuals.  In other words, how is your target audience going to find your survey.  You can do this via email marketing, having a pop-up or link on your website, posting it in social media, PPC advertising, or even solo ads

It’s essential to think of how individuals will take part in your survey, since it’s place will determine who can find and answer your questions. If you’re trying to discover if your consumers are interested in a new line of items, then you can email a set of questions that will help you identify if it’s worth pursuing.

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Other Ways To Leverage Survey Funnels

If you’re searching for feedback from someone who just bought, you could place the survey on the order confirmation page or in a follow up message. You can also send them a link on a postcard, depending on the type of company you run.  Yes, I know this is old school, but it still works.

Making the effort to consider these things throughout the preparation phase of your survey funnel will guarantee you get the very best responses possible from the individuals who get involved.

That’s it for this post.  I hope you have learned something about the possibility of survey funnels. Affiliate marketing with the best sales funnels gives you a repeatable process.  It is something you can use over and over.  Surveys is just one form you might try from time to time.

In my next post in this series, I will be discussing how you can use a podcast to get more individuals into your funnels.

Check back.  I’ll add a ‘Next Post” button below once I have that one published.


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