60 Minute Empire – My 30 Day Sales Funnel Training Case Study


Perhaps you are like me – searching for a simple to implement system that will allow me to cash in on internet marketing?  Knowing that funnels are essential, I have been looking for an effective sales funnel training program.

For the past 4 years I have tried to number of ways to earn a steady, passive income from online commerce.  Frankly, I have not been very successful. Whether it be affiliate marketing, niche-sites, CPA offers, video marketing, adsense, etc… I have probably dabbled in it all.  I’ve also spent several hundred dollars on marketing tools, software, and courses.

In fact, at the beginning of the year I cancelled all my subscriptions and opted out of most email lists.  I had determined that perhaps I had just missed the boat on IM. Maybe success was limited to a select few of the early adopters — and I wasn’t one of them.


So why did I decide to jump back in a try the 60 Minute Empire system?

  1. It was super inexpensive, less than $8 at the time I bought it.
  2. I was intrigued by the nuts and bolt approach of the systems creator, Lee Murray.
  3. The system was non-techie and easy to implement
  4. It doesn’t require a lot of SEO  and Keyword mumbo jumbo to get started
  5. I am between semesters and have 60 minutes a day (or more) to work on it.
  6. It is something I believe I can give an honest effort
  7. I really had nothing to lose by trying it.


60 Minute Empire Review

My determination is to give it a full 30 days, doing exactly what the system says to do.  At the end of the 30 days I just want to have made enough to cover the cost of the program and my website.  Frankly, that is less than $50 all in!

If I’ve learned anything about online marketing  in the past four years, iti is that online marketing is more marathon than sprint. I just need to see the system work for now.  Once I prove the concept, then I will set much higher goals.


Check back here often as each day I will update my progress.

Day 1 – Purchased 60 Minute Empire.  I skipped the upsell offer (a DFY system) as I didn’t want to invest any more in the system.  For today I spent time watching all the videos (in 2x speed) to get a feel for the process. My initial impression is that there is more “meat” to the material then what I expected.  I like what I hear and will start implementing the steps.

Also took some time to brainstorm domain names.  The training doesn’t get too in-depth about this, but I know from experience that it is important.  You especially don’t want to pick a domain name that sounds too spammy or has been used in a spammy way by a previous owner.

I like follow the advice of Stephen Hawes.  He has a post that gives excellent guidance in choosing a domain name.  You can read it here…

>> https://www.nichepursuits.com/how-to-choose-a-domain-name/

Day 2 – Today I choose a domain and purchased it.  Checked web.archive.org for any negative history and didn’t see anything.

Next I created banner for the site and a header for for my Twitter account.  As Lee’s training suggested, I used Canva for a decent image. Once I have income starting to flow I will have something more professional looking made by a Fiverr provider.  

This part took about 1 hour.  It probably shouldn’t take that long, however, I paused the video lesson several times to implement the teaching.  Also, I spent way too much time trying to perfect the images. For now I just need something functional. Progress before perfection!

After getting the website set up, I tried to create my Twitter account.  Twitter is blocking my new URL as “malware”. I have submitted a support ticket, but this could potentially be a problem.  Twitter is a big part of the 60 Day Empire program, so I am hopeful I don’t have to go through the whole domain process again.  I am thinking I need to get content on the site before Twitter accepts it as legit

Day 3 – I was also getting annoyed by my Twitter issue.  I contacted my hosting company and learned the URL I had chosen was blacklisted!  Despite my investigation, I somehow missed this. We’ve requested a removal from the list and hopefully that resolves the Twitter issue.  If not, I will have to choose another domain name and start over.

Yesterday I spent about 5 hours setting up my website and briefly troubleshooting my Twitter problem.  At This point I am reluctant to do anymore work on the site until I know I can move forward. Will give this 48 hours and then move on.

Day 4 – Hooray!  My new URL is no longer blacklisted.  Twitter has also accepted my URL, so I have spent some time perfecting my Profile and started following people.

I will spend the rest of my 60 minutes today working on setting up my funnel and getting some content onto the site.  You can follow my Twitter progress HERE and just click below to join me!


Day 5 – Completed setting up my initial series of funnel autoresponder emails.  I am using Aweber for a couple of reasons.

First, I am familiar with it after having used Aweber for several years.  True, there are more sophisticated email automation platforms. They also come with a sophisticated monthly price.  I’ve found that for my current needs, Aweber is the best value and functionality for the cost.

Second, Lee recommends Aweber in the 60 Minute Empire training.  In fact, during Video #5 he demonstrates how he switched from another email platform TO Aweber.

If you are looking for a good, reliable email autoresponder system, I urge you to check out Aweber.

In addition to the autoresponder series, I completed my initial Home page, sign up page, and thank you page.  

In the video training, Lee demonstrates one essential type of page you need to create and three unique types of blog posts to continually create.  This is the “60 minutes a day” process. That will be next on my agenda.



Day 6 – Finally have all the basics completed..

Website hosted…. Check

Home page published…. Check

Funnel created …. Check

Autoresponder set up …. Check

Traffic system on autopilot … Check

I also wrote the first of the 3 types of blog posts recommended in the 60 Minute Empire system.  Granted, I have taken longer than 60 minutes each day to get to this point. Getting everything set up is going to require that IF you want to get it done sooner rather than later.  You CAN just spend 60 minutes a day setting everything up, that will still work. I was just anxious to get it done.

Day 7 – Only spent 60 minutes today.  Now that I have everything set up, I am going to commit to the 60 minute per day credo of that program.  For today, I created and published my “ongoing page”, which is my Twitter Stats page.

This is one of the content techniques Lee teaches in the program.  Frankly, it is a very easy way to build the kind of content Google likes.  In the course he also suggests several different types of “ongoing pages”. Essentially these can never end.  It is only limited by how much you want to put into it.

Day 8 – Spent about 5 minutes with my Twitter engagement and then focused the remaining time on my posts.  Wrote one new post for the day and pressed ‘Publish’.

Has some time left over from my allotted 60 minutes, so I worked on beefing up another post I had written earlier in the week.  I know Google likes really long posts and gives those posts priority in the rankings.

I also noticed that traffic is starting to increase some.  It is not much — YET!  All of it is coming from Twitter, which makes sense. That is the only place I am promoting the site.



Day 9 – As I mentioned above, Lee teaches three specific types of blog posts in 60 Minute Empire.  I’ve been blogging for several years and I really like the structure of these posts.  Out of respect for Lee’s training, I can’t mention them, but I finished one today.

Almost all the posts on my site are following his free funnel training advice.

Twitter is still acting a bit strange.  I am using a Chrome extension Lee recommends to automate my Follow and Unfollow activities.  Twitter keeps locking me out after a I launch the tool.  This likely has to do with the speed at which the tool works.  I’ll adjust that in the settings.

If you get 60 Minute Empire, shoot me a note and I will share my extension settings for this tool.

Day 10 – Continued to write the series of posts as recommended by Lee.  Today I started a new one and will finish it up later in the week.  This is according to the 60 minute per day work schedule Lee outlines in the program.

I must admit, I am a bit discouraged at the low level of traffic coming in from Twitter.  While I realize this is not a sprint, more traffic would be encouraging.  Internet marketing is a building process.  Certainly paid traffic is more effective, and faster, than free sources.  For purposes of this study I am sticking to the method being taught.  I’ll reserve final judgement when the 30 days are over.

Day 11 – As per the 60 Day Empire schedule, I am taking the day off and enjoying the fruits of my labor.


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Day 12 – Spend my 60 minutes today researching products.  Although this is not part of Lee’s training, I felt I needed to stay on top of this.  I primarily use WarriorPlus, JVZoo, and Clickbank for product research and affiliate tools.

Since I am in the initial phases of building this site, most of my product reviews, tips, recommendations, and techniques will be about those I am already using.

For instance, I recently wrote about a free traffic generation tool I use on every site – Traffic Zion.   This is something I know about a lot as I use it constantly.

Day 13 – New affiliate launch coming up at the end of the week from one of my favorite developers.  I actually received an email from him to participate!

This fits in nicely with the 60 Minute Empire program as one of the blog post types Lee teaches is about these kinds of launches.  So, today I worked on the initial post and will finish it up in time for the launch.  In keeping with this 30 day case study, I am still only promoting through Twitter.  In fact, I updated my stats about the account growth today as well.

Day 14 – Excited about a product launch tomorrow that I am participating in.  Now since this is a new site, I don’t expect overwhelming results.  I will, spend a bit more time on Twitter promoting it.

Today I wrote the post about the product and scheduled it to be published tomorrow when the product goes live.  I think the real power in this is not that I will make a ton of money tomorrow, but that the promotion will be evergreen.  In other words, as my site and traffic grow the post will get increasing exposure.  This, in turn, will translate into more passive income.

I have to keep in mind that I am in this for the long term.  It is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.

Day 15 – Finished up my “education post” during my 60 minutes today.  Also added another lead opt-in to this post.  I think it will help to have more opportunities around the site.

Traffic is still slow, but building.   My affiliate launch promotion goes live today.  You can read that post HERE >>

Watch This Video About the Two 100% FREE Funnel I Am Using! >>


Day 16 – Finally broke 100 followers on Twitter today!  This was only a “30 Minute Empire” day, as I am leaving to go out of town today and tomorrow.

Started work on a new blog post.  This one is more educational in nature.  Again, it is modeled after the 3 types Lee teaches in the course.

Following his structure has really made content ideas and content create much easier!

Day 17 – Out of town, no work on the site today.

Day 18 – Finding that creating the posts is going a lot faster now.  I am able to get quite a bit done in the 60 minutes.  Put up another post about a new product today.  This is not a new launch, but a new product I am going to try.

I am more than half way through my 60 Minute Empire 30-day-case study.  The process seems to be effective and makes a lot of sense.   Still disappointmented in my list building results, but I think this is due to not having a lot of content yet and limiting my marketing and traffic to just Twitter.

Marathon… not a sprint!

Day 19 –  Last night I got over the 100 Follower markt on Twitter.   Starting to see more traffic kickin from that source.   I was also surprised to see some very small search traffic starting to show up!

Finished up a long post today and published it.  Just working my 60 Minutes each day and starting to build a robust site.



Day 20 – While not part of the 60 Minute Empire training, I felt I needed some additional sources of research for content.  I wanted to be sure I am getting the most up-to-date information and hottest content.

Picked up Affiliate Autobot 2.0 and spent my hour working through it.  What a marvelous suite of tools!  This is going to help a lot.

Affiliate Autobot 2.0


Day 21 – I “cheated” a little today.  I actually did my 60 minutes last night, the 60 minutes I would have otherwise spent today.   Knowing that I was going to be busy preparing for an out of town trip, I just did what I would normally do today — last night.

It was actually easy, worked on a new post while watching an old episode of House, MD.  Usually I write in solitude so my mind is focused.  However, I needed to get the post done and it was easier than I thought.

Flying out for Florida tomorrow for 4 days visiting family.  I am interested to see if I can stick to my 60 day schedule!

Day 22Finished up a cool post about part of my process to make passive income.  I have been thinking about this topic for sometime and decided to write about it.

Promoting other people’s funnels is core to the 60 Minute Empire system.  I’ve been promoting Earn Easy Commissions.  It is such a simple and 100% free way to launch an online marketing business.  In the post I give a brief summary of what it is, how you get paid, and why it works.

Off to the airport in a few hours.  Not sure yet how this trip will impact my 60 minutes.

Day 23 – Back at if after a 3 day hiatus.  I was visiting with family out of state and just didn’t want to take time away to work on business.

That, of course, is one of the advantages of having an online marketing business.   I can work when I want.  Plus, I just felt it would have been rude to be writing an hour while everyone was spending time together.

Now that I am traveling through airports, I’ll have time to spend my 60 minutes today on building my site.


The Final Stretch

Day 24 – I’m now into my last week of this 30 day 60 Minute Empire case study.  At the end of this post I’ll summarize my conclusions and recommendations so you can decide if this is the right program for you.

If you’ve been following my Twitter Stats you’ll see that I am steadily growing my group of Followers.  Later I’ll share a tool with you that is automating all my Twitter content.  The 60 Day Empire Program has been very helpful in building my presence on Twitter.  I’m not getting the traffic I had hoped, but it does trickle in.

I’ve also started to experiment with paid traffic, primarily Bing ads.  My 60 minutes today was spent on writing a new post about this – promoting clickbank products using Bing ads.   You can read that HERE >>

Day 25 – Spend my hour today tightening up some posts and optimizing them for target keywords.  Long Tail Pro is such a valuable tool.  It doesn’t just find keywords, it finds the keywords I can RANK FOR!  That is the most important part.

I am also starting to think about what I am going to do for my next 30 Day Case Study.  Adding traffic sources to my site is the next logical step.  I will certainly add Traffic Zion, as I have had great success with that tool on other sites.  I’ve also started experimenting with a new Pinterest automation tool on another site.  That site is an Adsense and Amazon affiliate site.

Let me know in the comments below if there is any interest in an Adsense monetization case study?  I probably won’t use it on this site, but there are other sites I own where I have placed Adsense on it.

Day 26 – Had a password issue with Canva.com.  This is the tool I use to make simple graphics and the one I use to make the graphics on my Twitter Stats page.  Spent my 60 minutes getting that fixed and updating my Twitter Stats page.

While this does not have a lot to do with affiliate marketing by itself, having an ongoing page that grows IS part of the 60 Minute Empire training.

Day 27 – Spent my time today working on my Twitter Stats and my Twitter audience.  In a little over 30 days I have gathered 300+ followers on Twitter.  I’m getting at least 2 visitors per day from this audience.  From what I am reading, that seems to be about average.

Having grown a Twitter audience for another niche, I know the growth is exponential.  The bigger the audience, the fast it grows… AND the more traffic that comes from it.  If the ratios hold, my Twitter traffic should look like this over time…

1000 Followers – 7 visitors per day

5000 Followers – 50 visitors per day

10,000 Followers – 100 visitors per day

Once I reach my goal of 100,000 Followers, I should be averaging 1000 visitors to the site per day.  That is the long-term goal with Twitter as a traffic source.  It will be awhile before I get to 100,000 Twitter followers.  However, the 60 Minute Empire program has given me a systematic way of building this audience.

Once this 30 day case study is over, I will add other traffic sources as well.  For now, I want to test and study the method taught in the program and have my final results to share with you.


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Day 28 – Wow!   Big uptick in my Twitter traffic this week!  Not sure why, but I think I have finally found the right set of people to follow.  They in turn follow me back and grow my audience.

The training in 60 Minute Empire (details HERE >>) has proven that steady and consistent gets results!

I’ll be finished with this 30 day case study on sales funnel training in just two days.  It has given me a solid foundation on which to build my online business.  More about this in the Conclusion section below when I finish…

Day 29 – Started a big (almost 2000) word post today about how to get more traffic from Twitter.  Still need to do some editing, but it will be ready in another 60 minute block.  In this post I am sharing some of my techniques that this program (60 Minute Empire) has taught me.

The traffic from Twitter continues to grow and I really owe that to Lee’s teaching.  Although I have used Twitter in the past as a traffic source, I have not had the rapid build up as I have had with this course.  You can check my Twitter Stats page.  And this has been done for Free!

Day 30 – Last day of my 30 day case study! Actually spent it doing what the training has taught me to do.  Working on a big post, 2000+ words, on my current Twitter traffic method.  I think I might also put together some videos to go with it.

This is one of the post styles taught in the course.   As you are probably aware, Google likes loooooong posts!   This one is going to end up over 3500 words.

Tomorrow I will write a summary of my case study and my conclusions, recommendations, etc..

If you have any questions about this case study, or about 60 Minute Empire, please put them in the comments below.

Conclusions And Recommendations

After 30 days for working the 60 Minute Empire process I wanted to share with you my conclusions, recommendations, and next steps.

Am I glad I bought this – Absolutely!  As I mentioned before, I have been working internet marketing in one way or another for about four years (as of May 2019).  It has been hit and miss.  I’ve bought a lot of “shiny objects” in that time.  You know what I mean.  Software, training, strategies – all promising to change my life.

60 Minute Empire is the first product I’ve bout that has given me a sustainable process to work.  There is nothing complicated or burdensome.  Once you have your site set up, which is going to take more than 60 minutes if you do it all at once, all you have to do is spend 60 minutes following Lee’s process.

I’ve also mentioned that this is more “marathon” than “sprint”.  It is not a get-rich-quick scheme, nor does it promise to be so.  If you are looking for that, then keep looking.  It doesn’t exist.  Not without a lot of money invested upfront in content writers, paid traffic, SEO consultants, etc..


60 Minute Empire Review


Frankly, I think 60 Minute Empire is a wise investment if  you want…

  • A simple affiliate marketing business process
  • You don’t have more than an hour you can invest each day (i.e… working a full time day job)
  • Unlimited content ideas
  • A long-term, sustainable strategy
  • Free, easy to implement traffic
  • An {almost} free way to get started in this business

Am I glad I got the program?  You bet!  It has given me all of the above, but perhaps more importantly, I have greater confidence that what I am doing will be successful and profitable.

If you are looking for a simple, effective way to build an affiliate marketing business, you should get 60 Minute Empire!

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If you do decide to get 60 Minute Empire through my link you will also get a copy of Affiliate Marketing Blueprint!

This is a perfect companion to 60 Minute Empire.

This guide will show you exactly how you can get started in affiliate marketing and make daily passive income by selling other people’s products!

60 minute empire

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