4 Tried And True Methods to Drive More Traffic to Your Site



We would all love to have a website that draws in a lots of visitors like a magnet. Without the tried and true methods for driving more traffic to your site, you may never ever see the kind of traffic that you need to be successful.

Traffic is the lifeblood of building a passive, online income.  If there is anything I focus more time on, it is traffic generation.

I use a lot of tools to do this.  If you’ve read any of my posts you know I really like automation.  So tools that help me automate traffic generation are high on my list.  Of course, there are other ways to drive traffic.  Actually, I think there are three broad categories you can use to drive traffic.

  • Organic
  • “Free”
  • Paid

Most people who start out in this business begin with “free” traffic.  I’ve written about this before, but just to summarize — “free” really isn’t. It takes a lot of work.  Organic is traffic that comes from the growth of visitors to your site.  Paid traffic is the best when it comes to ROI, however, there is the expense of it.  I know of some very, very successful marketers who pay tens of thousands of dollars a month in paid traffic.

Maybe you can do that — I can’t!!

Regardless, I have found that certain traffic strategies are tried and true.  They are strategies that need to be a part of every online marketers toolbox.  You can work them either “free” or paid.  Just be sure you are working them.

Here are 4 proven strategies that you need to employ today if you desire to drive more traffic to your site.  Where possible, I have provided links to tools I use or are known to be helpful and effective.


SEO Optimization

There is no chance to consistently increase the variety of visitors to your website without appropriate SEO optimization.

SEO offers your business with the opportunity to acquire more organic traffic through Google, and other search engines, totally free. You need to discover how to do keyword research, especially long-tail keywords,  and keyword expressions correctly. The much better your SEO optimization is on your website, the more visitors you’ll have.

The gold standard, long-tail keyword tool is LongTail Pro.  I have used this tool for years and I don’t start any internet marketing project without going to it first.

You can learn more at >> Longtailpro.com

Using Your Content As a Marketing Tool

Content marketing is a sensible strategy to get your website acknowledged and known throughout the Internet.

Content marketing isn’t simply about blogging, it is also about developing landing pages, objective statements, email campaigns, and visitor blogging.

Creating content is not easy.  Creating content that gets indexed and read and shared is even harder.  It requires discipline and commitment.  In other words, you have to stay with it for the long term.

Many people struggle with where to get ideas for their content.  Longtail Pro can help.  If you want to automate your content, in other words, have it created and posted for you, there are some WP plugins that can get you started.

A word of caution here… you still need to monitor the content that is created.  You still need to tweak it for your site.  Google hates duplicate content.  You can’t just copy and paste and leave it at that.

Here are some tools and resources you can use to help create content that fits your niche, your style, and that works:


PLR Assassin




Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way for people to make money by promoting other individuals’s or company’s items. Individuals chose the items they ‘d like to promote and get a commission based on the amount of traffic they drive to the website.

When you participate in an affiliate marketing program, the affiliate is assigned a tracking URL to track how much traffic they are driving. They then promote your company through paid traffic, social media, article, evaluations, or email marketing. The affiliate then gets a commission based upon the variety of leads. This offers you with a lot of new traffic to your website without you having excessive of anything.


Social Network Marketing

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