4 Best Ways To Use Social Media For Affiliate Marketing Success

EXPLODE Your Affiliate Sales With Social Media


It appears that a lot of marketers and marketing “masters” discuss social media marketing like it’s the very best thing since sliced bread. To state that there’s still a lot of buzz concerning this type of affiliate marketing would be an understatement undoubtedly.

Still, where there is smoke, there is fire. Social media marketing can certainly assist you to generate income online. You simply need to be clear on how you should do it.

Here are four ways marketing in social media platforms can help you explode your affiliate sales.

Affiliate Marketing Automation

The terrific thing about social networks is that it can be automated.

Take the case of Twitter, a platform I use a lot. You can use certain online tools to schedule your posts to Twitter although you’re sleeping. If you are at work or taking a vacation, your Twitter account is still tweeting day after day, week after week, month after month.

You can set it up and you can forget it. This allows you to send out your marketing messages for an extended time period.  Then you can come back and examine your outcomes, enhance those messages and see if there is an improvement. This minimizes your cost and can scale up your success.

Automation tools are available for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms as well.  You can do this!


Repurposed Material

Another great reason you need to market on social media is the easy at which you can repurpose your content.  I do this all the time.

You can take one article and turn it into all kinds of content. You can strip it down into individual series of tweets. You can turn the article text into a narration over slideshow and share the video on YouTube.

You can turn the information that you shared in the post into an informative graphic. There are so many ways you can repurpose your material. Each of that repurposed content is a piece of content that you can share on social media.

This technique alone can increase your content 10x or more without doing any more work!


5 Hallmarks to Solid Social Media Content

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Trend Or Hashtag Marketing

Individuals on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter search for content by utilizing hashtags. If you understand the most pertinent hashtags in your specific niche, you can target those individuals.  These are the people who are most interested to know more about your niche.

Add the most sought after hashtags to all of your social media posts.  I’ve seen this triple the engagement on some of my topics and promotions.  It gets your message into the feeds of the very people who want to hear it!


Take Advantage Of Your Niche’s Top 3rd Party Content

In any specific niche, there are movers and shakers. In any niche, there are proven reliable authorities.

Utilize these peoples’ material to build up your own authority. They would not mind since you’re driving traffic to them. This develops a win-win situation.

This is a simple way to build your own authority by borrowing it from others!

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But What Affiliate Products Do You Promote?

All the posting, promoting, and advertising in the world is wasted time if you don’t have a good product.

There is no lack of affiliate programs to promote. These programs have a wide variety of deals. It seems like each offer is as excellent as the one that came before it.

You can keep looking at these offers, their sales pages, and other sales aspects up until you’re blue in the face.

Unless you understand what to look for, most of these affiliate programs will look like they are the ultimate solution excellent to promote.

Believe me when I say I’ve bought some real winners and some real losers.  Many promise the world with vague sales pages and inflated claims.  Some can make you money, the large majority will not. Learn how to tell them apart.


The 5 Hallmarks of Affiliate Programs You Should Be Promoting

Here are 5 “must haves” of programs you should be promoting.  I use this as a filter, not only for what I promote, but also for what I personally buy.  If they don’t have these qualities, think twice before getting involved.

Direct Niche Focus

The affiliate program you must promote should target your specific niche. It should be all about your specific niche. Its benefits should solve the problems of your specific niche audience members. Do not skimp on this.


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Large Existing Promotional Tools

When you sign up with an affiliate program, it must have up-to-date marketing products for you to use in your promotions. You ought to get out of the gate strong and this means that you have a prepared library of premade advertising materials at hand.

You can’t simply make this stuff up on the fly. That’s simply not going to work.  These materials need to be available to you before you start marketing.

Likewise, there needs to be significant diversity of them because you won’t know which of these advertising materials will work for your promotion.


Wide Choice Of Promotional Approaches

An affiliate program that deserves its salt, which is really committed to the success of its affiliates,  provide their promoters a great deal of rope.

You ought to be provided a wide latitude in how you should promote their offers. If you see that they keep you on a tight leash, and they’re extremely strict relating to how you promote them, you might want to find another affiliate program.

The restrictions might obstruct of your success. You may not get enough liberty for you to do a good job of converting your traffic with the premade ads that are available to you.


Wide Amount Of Marketing Materials

The more varied the affiliate program’s marketing products are, so much the better. This indicates that they’re providing you the tools you require to promote in several contexts.buy 1 click affiliate site

This increases your likelihood of success.


They Give You The Right To Come Up With Your Own Marketing Materials

Really serious and professional affiliate programs will offer you wide leeway to come up with your own marketing materials. They’re not just going to give you a broad choice of promo approaches, rather they would give you liberty, within limits mind you, to come up with your own material.

They completely understand that you have a particular audience. They know that you have a relationship with your audience. They then give you the flexibility to come up with specifically made advertising materials for that specific audience.

Obviously you’re going to have to pay for your own materials, but this little bit of flexibility can equate to a huge payoff.

Keep these 5 hallmarks of solid affiliate programs in mind. These go a long way in helping you separate the programs targeting your niche from the ones that will in fact make you profits. Learn to identify the distinction.


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Video 6 – 5 Ways To Find The Best Converting Content

Video 7 – How To Turbocharge Your Affiliate Income In One Step

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Video 9 – 6 Ways To Prevent Your Affiliate Business From Crashing An Burning

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